Banana Republic: Jewelry & Accessories 30% off

Banana Republic is offering 30% off of jewelry and accessories online only with code BRPERFECT.  Plus, if you spend a minimum of $50 before reductions taken, you get free 7-9 business day shipping.  Boom.  See our faves below, then head on over to BR.  Sale ends 4/28.


Banana Republic Sparkle Stud Earring$24.50 ($35)

Haven't you always wanted to wear disco balls on your ears?

Sales are a great opportunity to tackle two sides of the sartorial spectrum: basic staples and pieces to take a chance on.  These sparkle studs may look flashy up close, but they’re actually great for everyday wear, and they’ll never go out of style.


Banana Republic Smooth Teardrop Earring$27.65 ($39.50)

Classy and classic.

These pretty purple-toned teardrops would look great with an updo and exposed neck.


Banana Republic Enamel Link Bracelet$27.65 ($39.50)

Pink and orange is the new black and white. Maybe.

Okay, so this bracelet definitely falls in the category of pieces to take a chance on.  Ornate linking design, plus a fun magenta and orange color scheme.  If you’re not feeling it in such bright tones, it also comes in a navy and white or blue and yellow combinations.


Banana Republic Pink Stone Necklace$48.65 ($69.50)

Hi there. Mind if I get up close?

This long necklace–about 34″–features translucent and opaque pink stones, separated by tiny clear beads.  Although it’s length makes it a statement piece, the subtlety of the color and the rounded square shape means it won’t overwhelm whatever you’re wearing.  Pair against a simple black top to make the pale pink really pop.

Banana Republic Jet Bead Necklace
$41.65 ($59.50)

Basic beads in basic black.

Simple black beads strung on a necklace is a classic look.  The graduated size of the glass beads in this particular case have a retro feel–Joan from Mad Men would definitely approve.  Wear with, well, anything!


Banana Republic Martha Floral Print Scarf$27.65 ($39.50)

At left, pecan. At right, sun blaze.

Scarves, a basic, in a modern print.  I especially love the pecan, with it’s mix of light brown and coral pink.  Perfect for cool summer evenings.


Banana Republic Stretch Leather Tab Belt$38.50 ($55)

Wrap me around you.

Looks like a regular ol’ black belt, nothing to get excited about, right?  Wrong.  This belt has stretch in it, so it’s perfect for cinching around the natural waist and still being able to breathe.  Plus, the tapering of the design into the middle has a bit of a thinning effect on your waistline.

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