Laura Mercier Makeup Review

Laura Mercier make-up is known for elegant, minimalist packaging, high quality product, and decent prices for higher end fare.  Below we review three specific products we’ve tried on our very own mugs.


Eye Brow Pencil$20

Brooke Shields' secret weapon.

 This pencil is very creamy, stays put on the face, lasts a long time, and is easy to sharpen without breaking off the tip.  Ingeniously, they’ve also made the pencil not a cylinder, but a pyramid shape, so when fumbling through your makeup bag among twenty other similarly-shaped pencils and tubes, it’s super easy to pick out.  Available in blond, fair blonde, soft brunette, brunette, and warm brunette.  Bottom line:  Definitely a winner.

 Lip Glace$24


Gimme a kiss.

Beautiful colors, great application wand, but….the texture of the gloss is a tad goopy.  Don’t get us wrong, it looks awesome–shiny and slightly sparkly–but if the wind blows at all, your loose strands of hair are going to be plastered to your mouth.  Also, we’re not crazy about paying $24 for a lip gloss.  There are so many great glosses out there for much less.  Bottom line: Probably not worth the money (or the resulting sticky hair).

 Kohl Eye Pencil$20


Use caution--raccoon eyes up ahead.

You know the night before the first day of school, when you’d lay out your binder full of white, unblemished paper, and very sharp, very dark, brand-new pencils, and you had this terrible urge to scribble all over the pages?  That’s what this eye liner does to us.  It is soooooo creamy.  Apply just a bit of pressure and it glides seamlessly over the lid.  Great for smudging at the corners, too, for a smoky eye.  In fact, great for smudging all over.  Boo-hoo.  You can’t really wear this liner during the day.  It gets all over the rest of your face; it just can’t withstand an eight-hour day.  This liner is best for evening when it doesn’t have to stay in place as long, and you’re more likely to be wearing darker eye shadow that can mask the liner when it smudges.  Bottom line:  Good quality and price, but only wear it for shorter periods of time.

What are your experiences with Laura Mercier products?

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