Taking Flight: Bird Jewelry

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Little known fact: birds scare the jeebus out of me.  I think it’s the flapping wings.  Or the pointy claws.  Just seems like if you’re around a bird for too long, you’re going to get your eye poked out.  But bird-themed clothing, jewelry, and accessories?  I love.  They tend to be whimsical and pretty, and lately, they’re everywhere!  We first started seeing them last year in owl pendants but now birds of all stripes are getting the jewelry treatment.  See our faves below.


Full Tilt Bird Necklace – $5.99

This cut out pendant of a bird in flight for a mere $5.99 is a simple, cheap way to incorporate the bird trend into your wardrobe.  Wear with a v-neck or scoop-neck top so that the pendant rests against your skin.


Late Bloomer Gold-Tone White Pearl – $21

In contrast to the first pick, this ornate faux pearl, flower, and beaded necklace has a lot going on.  Pair with simple pearl stud earrings, and make sure your ensemble doesn’t include any busy prints.  *Update:  This item was so popular it’s no longer available!  


Leather Bird Cuff – $42

This piece of jewelry combines two trends: leather cuff and bird.  It’s quite an unusual piece, isn’t it?  But I think it has legs (or wings) to stand on.  Pair with a button down shirt and a pair of rolled cuffs for a casually chic look.


Silver Small Bird Charm Bracelet – $28

If the cuff is too much “look” for you, this simple, delicate bracelet might be right up your alley.  Available in a variety of colors as seen at right.


Cameo Studs – $24

Cameos are beautiful and classic, and they’ve really made a comeback.  Love this take on the cameo, which pairs it with the bird trend.  Matches everything, and it’s great for everyday wear.


Charming Bird Drop Earrings – $18

Silver ox at left and antique gold at right are the options for these charming, dangly bird earrings.  Though they look substantially sized in the photo, they’re really only a half inch height, which is good.  Trends tend to fair better over time when they’re subtly executed.


Amethyst Purple Rhinestone Crystals Peacock Feather Bird Brooch – $12.99

So…I got a little excited about all the amazing bird pins out there…which is why there are three in this post.  Yes, the brooch is an old-fashioned notion, but everything old is new again, as they say.  This amazing peacock is gorgeous, featuring purple, clear, and pink rhinestones, for a mere $12.99.


Couple Sparrows Austrian Crystal Bird Pin Brooch – $10.59

This pin is a little less flashy than the one above.  Pin it on the lapel of your winter coat and leave it there all season long for a bit of flash.


Austrian Crystal Owl Enamel Bird Pin Brooch – $13.99

Wow.  How darling is this gem!  Purple eyes!  Green pupils!  Orange wings!  D-A-R-L-I-N-G.  Affix to a solid-colored or small-printed scarf to hold in place.


What say you to the bird trend?  Fanciful and fun?  Or do you share my bird phobia?

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