What is Bauble Bar?

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A few weeks ago I stumbled across Bauble Bar, a website dedicated to the fashion jewelry needs (or wants) of the modern fashionista.  Bauble Bar was started by Amy Jain & Daniella Yacobovsky.  They saw a hole in the market as far as designer jewelry that was easy to shop for and wasn’t insanely marked up.  Bauble Bar obtains designer pieces, but they don’t have to mark it up as much as a brick & mortar boutique or department store has to in order to make a profit.  Some pieces are available for pre-order, as they are handmade and only created once an order is placed.  Standard shipping and returns on most orders is free, but there are some exceptions, so make sure to read the fine print.

The site is easy to navigate, and I like that a lot of the jewelry is actually show on a model so you can get a sense on how big the pieces are.  Here are a few baubles available on the site now that I particularly like…


Ice Pear Pendant – $26

This lovely necklace adds some modern charm with the top tier, but at the same time the pendant takes it’s cue from Victorian styling.  It looks lovely layered with other sparklies, as shown on the model, but would also look beautiful on it’s own.  The necklace is 33″ long with a 3″ extension.


Bull’s Eye Drops – $26

Bright colors and a graphic pop style hit on the trend for this season.  Very retro and very fun.  Use these earrings to add some color to a basic outfit, or use them to compliment color already going on in your outfit.


Bossa Nova Cuff – $24

A fun cuff that will add some tribal trend and bright color to your day.  The pattern is inspired by Brazilian culture, which is infused with “Bossa Nova”, or New Trend.  One of my favorite singers of all time, Bebel Gilberto, infuses bossa nova with ambient electronica.  Just had to give a little shout out there.


Inverted Dome Ring – $46

As seen on Gwyneth Paltrow, this 18K-gold plated brass ring is super chic.  The brushed gold gives it a cool and modern air.  Unfortunately the site is down to sizes 8 and 9 only.  Well, not unfortunate if you wear ring size 8 or 9!


Malevich Pendant – $56

A pendant inspired by avant-garde artist Kasimir Malevich, this will add some culture and neon to your neck.  Geometric and bright, pair it with some other bright baubles, as seen above, to add a burst of fresh color to your ensemble.


Acrylic Personalized Monogram Pendant – $64

This fun pendant is fully customizable.  You can choose the color of the pendant, the type of lettering (block or script), the type of chain, and the length of chain.  This would make a great gift for a friend, or for yourself!


Well, I’ve only skimmed the surface.  According to the about page, every Monday and Wednesday new curated collections are revealed, so those might be good days to check the site.  Also, every week there is a “buried bauble” that is marked down to $10.  You can sign up to have a clue emailed to you on Fridays so you can find this buried bauble easier.


Check out Bauble Bar for yourself, and tell us about any great pieces you find in the comments below…


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