Love it: Shiseido The Makeup Corrector Pencil

“Praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values.”

That is what Shiseido (she-say-dough) translates to in English.  Lovely.  According to Shiseido’s website, it is the oldest cosmetics company in the world, founded in 1872.  So in other words, they’ve been at it a long time.  They are also the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world, adding the Bare Escentuals brand to their portfolio in 2010.  I must admit I’ve not used many Shiseido products, and wasn’t very familiar with them until recently.  But there was a product I came across on during Chic Week made by Shiseido that I had to try.


The Makeup Corrector Pencil – $18.00

Smooth and creamy

When I saw this product I was just smitten with the idea that a concealer be packaged in pencil form so application can be precise.  And now I’m smitten with the product itself.  It’s very creamy and smooth, so it applies really easily.  It blends in remarkably well, and with the control of application just a little blending is all it takes.  It moisturizes at the same time it conceals.  It also works great as an under-eyeliner.  Apply it directly beneath your lower lash line for a bright, awake look.  The colors offered run light, it’s recommended that you order a one color darker than your normal.  And unfortunately, at this time, it doesn’t look like they make a corrector pencil for dark to darker, and yellow toned skin.  Black Opal offers a flawless perfecting concealer for several different shades of darker skin.

Now, keeping it on the subject of Shiseido, but off the subject of the pencil, one of their claims to fame is a daily facial massage regimen, which according to their scientists can keep your skin and facial muscles firm and toned.  Interested?  Here’s a video from Shiseido on how to perform the massage on yourself.

Have you used this pencil? Will you now? Or do you recommend another concealer? Let us know in the comments!

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