Stylish Rain Gear

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In much of the country, April and May bring spring showers.  That could also translate to ruined hair, soaked clothing, and wet feet if you’re not prepared.  But rain gear is hardly synonymous with style.  Never fear, full clutch is here.  Below, our picks for cute duds that will keep you dry.



Hunter Original– $79.99 ($125) and Chooka Women’s Posh Dots – $50ish (depending on size)

Galoshes!  Formerly worn only by sullen third graders whose mothers made them, they are now trendy.  Go figure.  At left, the classic Hunter in apple green, on sale at a discount of 36% off.  Love that bright, cheery green for a pop of color when skies are grey.  At right, a more economical option in navy with darling polka dots.



Mossimo Hooded Rain Anorak – $34.99 and Uplifting Mac – $58

An update on an oldie: the raincoat.   At left, a goody from Target, shown in raspberry.  It also comes in black if the berry tone is too bright for your taste.  The coat at right is from England-based company Boden, which is known for their whimsical prints, as displayed in this “mac” (British for raincoat) in color regatta.  Though you can’t tell from the photo, it also has a hood to keep your head dry.


Trench coats

London Fog Trenchcoat – $49.95 and Vince Camuto Trench Coat – $95

If you hate the look of a traditional raincoat, perhaps a trench coat is better wet weather wear for you.  Consider THE makers of the trench coat: London Fog.  This company made their name with trench coats back in the day.  Shown here in avocado, but also available in brick (which looks like a cherry tone to me).  If you prefer a trench in a classic color, at right is a tan number (also available in khaki) that will serve you well, and keep you warm (this trench is lined).  This option looks like it has the belt a bit higher on the torso, so if you have a high true waist, this might be a good bet for you.



Totes Polynesian – $29.98 and Auto Open Waves – $12.95

Is it insane to spend almost $30 on an umbrella?  Yes.  But this umbrella has cherry blossoms on it.  GOR-GEOUS.  Plus, remember that money you stowed away for a rainy day?  Hello!  It’s raining!  Okay, fine.  A much more reasonable–and less flashy–option at right is available in both black and purple.  But it still features a whimsical scalloped edge.


Rain hats

Rain Bucket Striped Hat – $34.95 and Pink Polka Dot Rain Hat – $45

It always happens–the morning you take an extra twenty minutes to wrangle that round brush through your hair, it’s bound to rain and undo all your good work.  Not if you tuck it up under a waterproof hat.  The version at left has sharp stripes and is foldable so you can throw it in a bag and go.  At right, a darling pink polka dot cap, handmade by Etsy artisan Moaning Minnie.  Support an independent artist and look stylish at the same time!


What do you think?  Does our collection of rain gear make you look forward to ominous skies?

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