Review: Alexa sandal by Ralph Lauren

Last week we wrote a post about a summer sandal sale happening at    The first sandal suggested was the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Alexa , and it was stated a pair was on the way for review.  Well, here that review is!  First, let’s take another look at this sandal from the Piperlime website:


Lauren by Ralph Lauren Alexa – $49.50

A very cute sandal



So the first thing to point out, right off the bat, is the color of the sandal in the picture shown on the website.  The same polo tan pair looks very different in person, as show below.

That DOES NOT look like the same color

The true color of the polo tan is still lovely, but if you’re looking for a darker brown this isn’t your sandal.  A reviewer stated the blue pair also did not look the same color in person as they do on the site.


The upper on this sandal is 100% leather.  Multiple reviews have said that the leather is stiff.  I’ve not found that to be the case with the pair I purchased.  The braided bands are thicker than just a strap, so there’s not as much flexibility there, but they don’t feel stiff to me. The heel strap is nice and soft, and due to this the sandal buckles very easily.  The lining of the sandal is leather.  There isn’t any padding to speak of, and there isn’t any traction within the footbed (it’s very slick), so my feet have tended to slide around some while walking.  Part of that may be due to fit (see below).  The outsole is synthetic.


Don't go blind

After wearing these sandals several times now, I’ve decided to cinch the buckle down to the last hole.  I think there are two reasons for this; 1) my feet are pretty narrow, and 2) the sandals run slightly large.  I ordered a size 7, my normal size.  They seem slightly big, and I might have been better off with a 6.5, although they fit at a point where I might be hanging off the heel or toe in a 6.5.  The sevens still work.  I just have a little more room in the footbed.  Again, I also have slender feet, and slender ankles.  Someone with a normal width food and ankle would probably fill out the straps on the sandal better.  But, and here is one of the biggest complaints in the reviews on, the sole of the sandal becomes very narrow though the middle.  Enough so that even my narrow feet hang slightly off the sides.  I’ve not had any issues with my feet touching the ground, but I can see where someone with a wider foot would not be able to wear these.


These definitely aren’t comfort shoes.  No padding or support, no wider footbed that cradles your foot.  But even with those things lacking, they’ve not been uncomfortable.  I’ve had no pain while wearing them.  The only annoyance has been my feet sliding around a bit when I didn’t have them buckled tightly.  If you have low back problems and need support, pass these up.  But if you can wear a pair of thin flip flops without issue, these will be totally fine.

My final word?  I would have rather paid $40 or under for these sandals.  I wouldn’t purchase the exact same sandal again.  The sole, or lack thereof, is a deal breaker for me.  But, there is some great detailing in the leather construction, like the stitched loops used to gather the braided straps.  And now that I have them, I’ll wear the heck out of them this summer, because they sure are darn cute!



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