The Shops at Target

Who here likes Target?  You can get milk, a pair of sandals,  eye liner, a yoga mat, and sheets.  Hello, nurse!  The latest sign of genius from our favorite store is the Shops at Target.


Target looked around the country to find cute boutiques which they’ll be incorporating into select Target stores.  At the Target nearest to me, for example, in the cosmetics area, there’s an end aisle display from Cos Bar, a makeup boutique that originated in Aspen, Colorado, but now has a dozen locations across the southwest.  The display stands out with its bold colors and Cos Bar logo, and the shelves offer Cos Bar brand cosmetics.  It’s my understanding that Cos Bar sells a variety of brands at their actual boutiques, but it seems like the Target version will only be selling the Cos Bar brand, like this set of three pairs of false eyelashes for $9.00.

Another shop featured is Polka Dog Bakery from Boston which sells dog treats and accessories like these peanut butter dog biscuits.  The Webster out of Miami specializes in clothing and accessories like this sheath dress for $39.99 and this wide coral floral bangle for $16.99.  This galvanized vase is by Privet House from Connecticut which features home furnishings.  Finally The Candy Store out of San Francisco makes sugary delights like these salted caramels.

On-trend nail polish and a fancy dish--did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Not every Target will have every boutique, and I suspect some Targets won’t carry any of them.  This is based on market research about the type of product consumers at a particular store are likely to buy.  Also, selection varies between online and in store.  Some items are available only online, and some only in store.  Further, prices for in store items are dependent on location.  So an assortment of vanilla, pear and cotton candy saltwater taffy from The Candy Store will vary in price between Des Moines and Charleston.

This fall, Target will introduce additional boutiques from New York, Boston, and San Francisco.  I suspect they’ll continue to tweak, update, add, and remove, as they discover what items consumers are interested in purchasing.  Over the next month or so, we’ll visit and review the Shops at Target and let you know what you can expect from this round of new products.  If you’ve already discovered the Shops and have some faves, let us know about it!

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