Not Your Grandmother’s Aprons

In the event that you’ve been living under a rock, let me fill you in–all things domestic are now trendy.  What does that mean?  Baking your own bread is fashionable; canning your own jam is in style; keeping a compost bin in the backyard is a la mode (no, that doesn’t actually mean “with ice cream,” in means “in the fashion”–haven’t you seen Little Miss Sunshine?).   And aprons are part of this booming business.  Full aprons, half aprons, aprons with ruffles, aprons with pockets, aprons with pleats–consumers are crazy for aprons.  As a domestic goddess myself, I have enjoyed this trend as well.  (Though keeping true to the trend…I sew my own aprons.  Obviously.)  Below, a handful of picks for stylish aprons that will make cooking dinner fun.


Jessie Steele

Bib Gigi French Toile– $30.77 and Green and Cream Damask Bib Chef Apron – $29.90

I’d never heard of the brand/designer Jessie Steele, but I love the elegance of her aprons.  In patterns like damask and French toile, her aprons seem to belong to a different era–when Julia Child was discovering the joy of crusty baguettes, and dinner was a multi-course affair.  A bit spendy for basically a wearable kitchen towel, but if it gets you in the kitchen cooking from scratch instead of stopping for fast food, it’s a good investment.


Flirty Aprons

Women’s Original in Cherry Blossom – $29.99, Midnight Bloom – $26, and Sassy Red – $29.99

As the brand name suggests, these aprons feature ultra-feminine patterns, an oversized bow, and a slightly sexy side with that pleated edge around the hem.  A very girly apron for the very girly gal in your life.  Would make a great housewarming gift for a friend who loves to cook and entertain company.


West Elm

Kitchen Canisters Apron – $19 and Orange Flower Apron – $19

The two options above are nice and simple in structure–no frills or bows–but are done in such great patterns.  I especially love the Kitchen Canisters at left.  It looks like a page ripped from someone’s sketch book.



Full Apron in Aqua – $24 and Pink – $23.95

Darling aprons in a relatively simple style.  I especially love that sort of dirty green against such a pale blue on the left.  If you’re buying a gift for someone whose taste you’re unsure of, this simple apron without a lot of bells and whistles (just that sweet bow around the middle) will do the trick.


Now Designs

Clarissa Apron in Baboushka – $16.50, Madeira – $15.73, and Valley- $15.33

The first set of half aprons.  These are great for tying on quickly or removing quickly without messing your hair or snagging an earring on the way off or on–perfect if you’re hosting a fancy dinner and have to run in and out of the kitchen all night.  Great prices on these half aprons by Now Designs, and such cute patterns!


Attitude & Apron

Half apron – $21.50 and Half apron natural red stripes – $26.50

After looking at so many frilly, ultra-feminine aprons, my eyes needed a break.  I wanted to find some elegant, but not over-the-top, styles for those who prefer a classic, streamlined look in the kitchen.  Enter Etsy retailer Attitude & Apron.  Based out of North Carolina, proprietor Cheryl Hassell depends on the natural beauty of linen and organic cotton to make her distinctive aprons.   I love how the half aprons featured above almost looks like skirts with their rich, lovely texture.  Simple beauty.  Plus, these are two of the cheaper options in this post, and with the quality of a homemade product!  Support independent artisans!


Do you wear aprons in the kitchen?  Old-fashioned notion or fun throwback?  

2 Responses to “Not Your Grandmother’s Aprons”
  1. Nancy Chung says:

    I love aprons to pieces and I have drooled over Jessie Steele’s aprons many a time.  Love this post!

  2. Kyla says:

    the Jessie Steele aprons are so classy, and I love the first set of half aprons; a little flirt and class all in one!