The Trend: Stripes

A book about stripes

This is a funny trend to me.  Funny, because stripes have been around for a very, very long time.  Stripes were associated with the devil in the middle ages.  They’ve been used in prison uniforms, on flags, as guiding marks on our roads.  We see stripes on candy canes, animals of all kinds, plants and flowers, on race cars.  And this year, we’re seeing them all over the place in the fashion world.  The trend right now, when it comes to stripes, seems to incorporate fat horizontal stripes and chevron stripes.  Wow, just thinking about all these stripes is making my eyes hurt!  The thing about stripes, rather than Hypercolor t-shirts, which oddly you can still get at American Apparel, is that stripes never have and never will go out of style.  Stripes are a tried and true pattern of the fashion world.  Let’s take a look at some of the current offerings from retailers capitalizing on the stripes “trend”.  We’ll get some information on some current sales incorporated as well.


Anthropologie Verbatim Tank – $39.95 ($68) & Zagged Stripes Skirt – $$59.95 ($98)

Part of the Semi Annual Clearance

Both of these items are part of the Semi Annual Clearance sale at Anthropologie, and sizes are very scattered.  The tank incorporates a smaller horizontal stripe on the neck, and an larger upside down chevron on the body.  This is a good example of stripes mixing, but in a good way.  The skirt uses a smaller, whimsical stripe pattern that loops intermittently.  This skirt would pair well with a bright yellow blouse or tank top.  Both items are 100% cotton.  The Semi Clearance Sale is for a limited time only, but that limited time is not stated on the website.  Shipping costs are calculated by tiered scale, and returns can go back to a store with the original packing list.  Otherwise it’s $5.95 to return by mail.


GAP Mason Crew T – $$17.21 ($22.95) & Asymmetrical Striped Dress – $44.96 ($59.95)

Let's fall into it.

Let’s address the dress first.  It’s called a striped dress, but it looks more like an alternating jersey slub knit.  Is that considered a stripe?  I guess this year it is!  Cute asymmetrical draping across half of the top, but depending on your proportions up top it could look kind of funky.  The Mason Crew T is definitely a striped, casual shirt.  The banded cap sleeve and cut take this out of the normal tee shirt realm. Available in several colors, including red stripe, if you’re on the search for any 4th of July apparel.  And now let’s get to the sale.  Through today use code GAPLOVE at checkout to take 25% off you purchase.  The 25% off price is reflected above.  Are you a procrastinator though?  You can still use GAPLOVE tomorrow, but it will only take 20% off your purchase.  Free shipping kicks in at $50, pre-discount code, and you can combine purchases from all GAP Inc. stores, except Piperlime, to get to that free shipping threshold.


BR Striped One-Button Cardigan – $48.99 ($69.99) & Casey Striped Silk Skirt – $62.65 ($89.50)

More casual, more dressed

I can’t make up my mind about that cardigan.  There’s a bit of a funky cut to it, that I don’t completely love.  But I do like how it cuts in at the waist, and the floppy collar creates a ruffle effect.  There are mainly good reviews about it in the Banana Republic website.  It’s mostly cotton with a bit of wool mixed in, and from the sound of it the fabric is super soft.  It’s only available in the grey in regular sizes, but the petite sizing also offers a red color.  The Casey Skirt is darling.  Brightly colored and sized alternating stripes create many visual layers, and the pleats and higher waist will accent your curves.  Today (5/21) use code BREXCUSE to take 30% off your purchase.  Tomorrow (5/23) use code BRSTART to take 30% off.  You can combine Banana Republic and GAP products to reach the free shipping threshold of $50, which will still work even if you apply codes and your total falls below $50.  You’ve just got to get to $50 pre-code.


Last Call Charles Jourdan Striped Tote – $90 ($150) & Free People Cutout Tank – $47.40 ($79)

Dark stripes, cute style

At the time of writing this post there were only 3 of those purses left, so they might be gone now.  Canvas and leather exterior, and lined with silver satin.  The black, natural canvas, and tan combo make for a very Parisian look.  The Free People tank combines a tribal pattern and stripes, with a decolletage cutout and a-line cut, that will flatter many body types.  These picks from are part of the Memorial Day Sale that will take 40% off your entire purchase on select merchandise.  No code required, the discounted price will show up in your cart.  Shipping works on a tiered basis, unless your cart totals $75 or more.   Then use code LC75MAY to activate free shipping.    The Memorial Day Sale runs through May 23, 2012.


Modcloth In Colorful Swing Dress – $52.99 & The Schooner, The Better Top – $34.99

Full of funk

You’ve got to love the funk that Modcloth can bring.  Even if it’s not necessarily your cup of tea, it’s fun to peruse the site and see what the designers they work with have come up with.  Always fun and bright, with interesting lines and extras.  The two pieces above are actually pretty tame.  The dress is, obviously, all about color, and the top is all about being a sexy sailor.  Great prices on both.


Betsey Johnson Yacht Club Striped Flower Drop – $40 & Spectator Striped Anchors – $25

Flowers and anchors, both popular right now

Here are a couple cute pairs of earrings from Betsey Johnson that definitely cash in on the trends of this season.  I feel pretty confident in saying that the quality of these won’t be the highest, but they’re sweet to look at!


Nine West Original Sneakers Perri Wedge Lace Up – $60.99 ($85)

For a grown up Rainbow Brite?

Hmmm.  I had to throw these in here to get some opinions.  What do you think?  No way in hell?  I’m wearing them right now?  Leave it in the comments below.



Featured Image courtesy of Lomo-Cam

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  1. Wow those last ones are hilarious. It’s as if they stuck a basketball shoe on top of some platforms.  And yeah, please don’t wear them. I might start laughing in public.