Patriotic Dolly

Sing it, Dolly.

Since the first Guilty Pleasures post, Dolly Parton has been the unofficial mascot of full clutch.  Today we’re making it official.  We love her music, her movies, her big hair and bigger boobs.  Trying to find a low key post for this Memorial Day, we said to ourselves, there has to be a photo of Dolly and a flag somewhere…and by somewhere, we mean she made an actual album called For God and Country.  Yes.   In true Dolly form, she gives us what she promises and just a little bit more.  The first song title?  “The Lord is My Shepherd.”  The second song title?  “The Star Spangled Banner.”  The thirteenth song title?  “Go to Hell.”   God Bless America indeed.



*Featured photo credit.

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