Valentine’s Day Threads

It’s that time of year again.  Love, heartbreak, anticipation, disappointment, box of chocolates, bouquet of dead flowers…that is to say, people either hate Valentine’s Day or love it, usually depending on what their current relationship status is.  Below we’ve curated two different outfits for this week o’ hearts: one to satisfy the romantics, one to satisfy the suicidal.  Enjoy.

Love is in the Air

T. Tahari Sleeveless V-Neck Jill Dress$98


This darling cherry-red dress has a flattering v-neck , cinches in at the waist, and then bells out a bit to give the appearance of an hour-glass figure.  Long enough hemline to wear to the office, but lovely enough to dress up a bit for a night out.

Pallavi Slingback Pump – $99


I'll make your calves look fabulous.

Matching pink and red used to be a pairing no-no, but thankfully the color police have come to their senses.  We love this two-tone slingback with textured finish.  Plus, everyone loves a sexy little peep!

Essie Nail Polish$8

Blushing Bride & Prima Ballerina...seriously, those are their names.

Essie brand nail polish has been around for years, but it only recently started getting attention in fashion ‘zines.  One of the more affordable salon brand nail polishes, these light pinks would go great with the peep toes, without drawing too much attention away from the shoes.  Less is more.  Sometimes.

Martine Wester Sanctuary Occasion$39.88

Romance is my bag.

With a bright red dress and sassy stacked heels, there’s no need to go loud on the bag.  This clutch has an inside zipper and lining in cream and pink shades.

Heart Slice Bangle$48

Kiss me, I'm easy.

Heart jewelry?  So wrong, it’s right, folks.  Capping off the outfit are these simple heart bangles.  If you’re going to wear heart jewelry, it has to be understated, so we like these neutral tones and simple construction.

I Hate Everybody

“Love Stinks” Graphic Boyshort$3.50

Tell us how you really feel.

If you think Valentine’s Day is for suckers, proclaim it loud and clear in these boyshorts.  Of course, in that case, no one will be looking at your underwear but you’ll know it’s there.  Way to be.

BDG Rollover Sweatpant $24.99

Puts the sweat in pants.

Look, you don’t want to be wearing something binding when you’re splay-legged on the couch, holding a spoonful of peanut butter in one hand, a bottle of beer in the other, and watching reality TV.   Amiright?  Amiright?

Haflinger Oktoberfest Slipper$71

Yes, that's a beer stein.

First of all, Haflinger has miracle footwear for people with  bad feet.  Not recommending that you wear these in public, but in the  nest of blankets, used tea bags, and Raisinets you’ve made in your bed, these are comfy cozy on your feet.

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow$7.92

Shade? Eternal Black. Just like my soul.

This eye shadow is actually a combination powder-cream.  The claim is that it lasts a full 24 hours.  So that’s impressive…if you were to be in a situation where you’d want to where eye shadow for 24 hours.

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Or not!

*Featured photo credit.

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