The simple knot

I’m always looking for quick and easy tricks to add a little something extra to my hair.  I”m not that great at braiding.  My hair is shoulder length, so I don’t have long locks to create messy updo’s with.  But sometimes I just want something different.  Enter the knot.  Super fast and easy, and a great way to add some visual texture to your hair.  Whether it’s one simple knot as shown in the picture below, or a few knots in a single or multiple sections, they can add whimsy or sophistication, depending on how you use them.

It’s as easy as:

  • Section off a piece of hair
  • Keep the hair straight or twist it
  • Tie it in a knot (can take a few minutes of practice, but you’ll get it)
  • Fix in place

I’ll usually spray a little hairspray in my hair prior to creating the knot, than give it a little spritz for hold once I’m done.  So easy, fast, and painless.  If you have longer hair and don’t mind a few more minutes effort, here’s a video tutorial on creating a sophisticated updo with two knots.



Do you have any quick and easy hair tips?  Leave them in the comments below…

Header image photo credit: Todd Jones Photography

2 Responses to “The simple knot”
  1. Rose says:

    That’s… actually quite brilliant.  I’ve been experimenting with hair lately, and have become obsessed with pincurls.  But I’ll definitely be adding knots to my list of things to try. 

    I don’t have much time in the morning due to my commute, so my go-to styles are double low buns, side braids, and the 80’s-tastic topsy tail thingie (in case you weren’t a child of the 80’s, it’s a little plastic tool that helps you flip a ponytail over itself).  It takes only a few seconds more than a plain ponytail, and somehow looks infinitely more polished.