Nail Polish Colors for Summer

It’s June!  Time to get out on your back deck or front stoop and paint those tootsies in the warm air.  While winter is a great time to sport burgundy, coffee, and plum tones, by summer we’re ready for light, bright colors.  Here are our favorite colors for warmer weather.



Trout Pout – $14, How Cute is That – $9.50, Smell the Roses – $5.99

Pink, the old standby.  Always in fashion, always a very feminine, pretty look.  I myself prefer a warmer pink to a cooler pink.  So the shade by butter at far left is my favorite.  In the middle, the Sephora shade has a bit more blue in it, and it also looks sort of sparkly.  The L’Oreal polish is the bluest pink of the three, and also the best deal.



Porchester Place – $9.50, Orange It’s Obvious – $8.00, Supermodel – $16

I considered including a pink, orange, AND coral section, but because coral has so much overlap with plain old orange, I decided to just stick with orange.  But the nails inc. shade at left could be considered a coral tone because it has a bit of pink in it.  I don’t know anything about this brand, but if you do, let us know about it in the comments section.  In the middle, the essie tone is darker, has more red in it, perhaps a bit more blue as well, for a bolder look.  And then at far right, again another brand I’m not too familiar with, this color has a bit of brown in it, if bright orange is too much for your taste.  I think this color would look great on a toes with a gold sandal.

I also found this set of four orange polishes at Sephora.  It’s a decent deal, $24 for “vivacious reddish-orange in four different finishes, from creamy and matte, to glitter and shimmer.”  A good way to mix it up if you love the orange trend.



Read My Palm – $9.50, Saint Tropez – $23, My Lifesaver – $6.99 ($7.99)

Turqouise–with perhaps a bit more green in it–is a big trend this summer.  Beware, greens and blues don’t look great on everyone.  For instance, I have pale skin and veiny hands–doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?–so I find that blues and greens make the veins on the back of my hands stand out even more.  It’s just not a good look for me.  But if you’re tan, or you don’t have scary Madonna veins, this is a really fun, pretty trend, reminiscent of fun at the beach.  The colors at left and right have a decent amount of green in them, while the Dior color is pretty purely blue (and just gorgeous, don’t you think?).



Adelita – $18, I’m a Rich Girl – $4, Not a Gold Bigger – $6.99

Summer is a time for gold.  Gold jewelry, gold accessories, gold fingers and toes.  I LOVE this color by Nars at far left–more champagne colored than gold, with some delicate shimmer.  This color is subtle enough for fingers, so if you love a matching mani-pedi, try this one out.  The middle shade by Sephora is an in-your-face tone of gold.  Almost bronze, it would look superb on toes in a pair of blue sandals.  Also, although the $4 price is very good, Sephora’s nail polishes are substantially smaller than other brands like OPI or Revlon.  But, if you like small samples, this would be a good product for you.  At far right, this color is halfway between silver and gold. Another good one for the toes, paired with black peep-toes for just a hint of glam.


Happy painting!

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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I’m rarely brave enough to put color on my fingernails – toenails no problem. But, I might just have to try one of those orange examples.