Hot Days: Yellow Gold Jewelry

Yesterday we extolled the virtues of warmer, brighter nail colors for the summer season.  Yellow gold jewelry is another great addition to your look come summertime.  Not surprisingly, the warmth of yellow gold echoes the warmth of the season.  Our picks for sunny jewelry to follow.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tiny Slice Stud Earrings
 – $48 and Tiny Slice Necklace – $58

We kick off this curation of yellow gold pieces with these sunny lemon slice earrings and necklace.  Everything seems more casual, more whimsical in the summer.  I especially love the earrings–wear with your hair up to really show them off.  These aren’t real gold, but they’re made with a gold-tone metal.


Banana Republic Leaf Bangle Set – $39.50

These leaf bangles are also goldtone plated, and though it’s hard to see, they have little glass stones in the leaves.  This bangle set comes with four bracelets in total, so the price is pretty reasonable.   Pair with a simple gold necklace or earrings.  *Update: this item is now out of stock.


Juicy Couture Princess Stud Earring
– $48 and Sabine Yellow Pave Stud Earring – $22

If you like more color in your jewelry, here are some beautiful studs.  I love the emerald tone of the top studs–it stands out so well against the gold tone of the backing.  On bottom, for a much more reasonable price, are a pair of yellow and gold tone pave studs.  Pave looks so pretty and delicate–it’s a great way to add a bit of sparkle and texture to an ensemble.


 Panacea Tritone Metal Drop Necklace – $25 ($38) and Lucky Brand Jane B Hammered Teardrop – $25

If you prefer a simpler, more subtle look to your jewelry, try this necklace  in three colors–silvertone, copper, and yellow gold on a gold chain.  I love the variety of shapes and colors in this necklace, yet the necklace is still perfectly balanced and elegant.  Pair with simple yellow gold hoops like the ones by Lucky at right.


Tinley Road Enamel Bar Cuff Bracelet
– $28 and Jeweled Cuff Bracelet – $36

Tinley Road makes some really great, affordable jewelry.  I especially like their cuffs and bangles.  At left a simple yellow gold cuff with cream insert detailing.  Wear with anything–jeans or a dress–for any occasion–formal or casual.  For a bit more bling, try the version at right which features textured goldtone metal underneath rhinestone detailing.  Pair with a simple, short-sleeved blouse or sleeveless dress so this cuff can really shine.


Fleur de lis Gold-Tone Brooch Pin – $9.95 ($24.95)

Typically I think of winter as a time for brooches because they look so great on the lapels of wool coats or to secure scarfs in a drapey way around the neck.   But this pin with its topaz and gold tones would still work well for summer.  Pin on a light coat or sweater for cool evenings or early mornings.


Top row: Matte Yellow Gold Twisted Hoops – $29 and Milan Gold Squares Necklace – $79

Bottom row: Hammered Gold Puzzle Pendant – $35 and Web Framed Faceted Green Crystal Teardrops – $26

Designer Noa Gomel of oliveliDesign hails from Tel-aviv, and makes beautiful, unique jewelry which she sells in her Etsy shop.  I love the soft, twisted look of these hoops, almost like they’re still melting into place.  The gold squares necklace has a harder edge.  It would look great against a plain black top, or against your skin in the deep-v neckline of a dress.  In the second row, the puzzle necklace is such an original piece.  It would make a great gift for a fun-loving friend.  And finally the earrings at bottom right feature a deep green crystal under delicate gold webbing.  Support independent artists!


*Featured photo credit.

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