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Can you really have too many pairs of shoes?  Well, yes, if you run out of places to store them.  I sometimes run into this problem, so I made a deal with myself.  I have only so much room, and I can’t go over said amount of room.  If I want to bring a new pair in, an old pair has to go.  And usually, this is not a problem.  I only have a few pairs of shoes that I actually paid a lot of money for, the rest are shoes I expect to only keep for a year or two.  So the shoe rotation usually doesn’t cause too much pain.  And right now, Nine West would like to help me rotate some shoes out.  Today is the last day of their Buy One, Get One 50% off sale, and they’re currently offering free shipping on any order.  This sale also applies to purses and accessories, only fragrances are excluded.  What shoes am I considering rotating in?  Let’s check it out.  Oh, and a couple purses are included for the heck of it.


Superfly – $69

Superfly is Supercute

We’re starting out with a confusing one.  There’s nothing confusing about the look of this leather flat.  It’s cute!  But the color I’ve featured is not available to ship until 6/19.  There is no information on the Nine West website that says it’s excluded from the discount.  But just in case it is, there is a white and tan option and a melon and tan option that is available to ship now.  I’m just personally loving yellow this season.  Reviews say this shoe is true to size but runs slightly wide.


Ampedup – $69

Beautiful design

What a great look on these blue and white fabric wedge pumps.  The wedge heels do get pretty narrow and come to a point, so don’t buy these expecting the stability that a traditional wedge offers.  These are also available in a “Flamingo” multi, but the blue and white just speak to me.  Featured in “O” magazine in March, so looks like they speak to Oprah too.  Because she put’s that entire magazine together, right?


Reminder – $69

Lil' nub of a heel

These are leaning towards funky, and my favorite color combo, shown above, is pretty low on sizes.  I really like the double buckle strap, and the itty bitty wedge heel.   These types of sandals, with just that one thong strap holding it to the majority of your foot, kind feel a little loose on.  There are no reviews of this shoe on the Nine West site.


Showntell – $79

Almost gone in the coral

This leather espadrille is just great looking.  I love the clean, curving modern lines.  The sizes left available in the coral option are few, but these come in four other colors, including black.  I could see these becoming a go to black casual sandal for the summer.


Sara – $45

Slip em' on and sneak around town

The price on these is pretty steep for a slip on pair of sneakers, but marked down by half they’re only $22.50.  The contrasting heel and stripe detailing above the toe add a charming touch to these slip-ons.  The single review on the Nine West website says they run small.  That might be due to the elastic used to hold them onto your feet.  With the stripes these sneaks capitalize on the popularity of all things nautical this year.


Eyes Closed Tote – $69

You should probably keep your eyes open while carrying

Today our brethren at are talking about good black and tan options for the fellas.  I think this is a good black and tan option for the ladies.  Plenty of pockets inside, including a large center zip pocket that divides the purse out.  It’s nice and big (click on the picture to see the purse placed on a mannequin on the Nine West site), and pretty darn stylish.  Also comes in yellow or pink accents.


Eyes Closed Clutch – $49

Still, keep your eyes open

The baby sis’ to the Eyes Closed Tote from above.  Comes with a chain shoulder strap that easily tucks into the clutch.  The metal lock closure adds a cool vibe to this already cool purse.  Plenty of compartments on the inside.  Measures 11 inches long (as long as a standard piece of paper) and 6 inches high.  A larger clutch with plenty of room for all those necessary items, unless you’re Mary Poppins.


Have you rotated in some shoes in recently?  In love with a pair you got?  Tell us about them in the comments!


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