The Shops at Target: The Candy Store

A couple weeks ago, we told you about The Shops at Target.  Over the next month or so, we’ll explore these stores within a store and let you know what we find.  First up is The Candy Store, a boutique based out of San Francisco.  The proprietors of this little candy shop feel that candy should be appreciated and enjoyed the same way fine wine and fancy cheeses are.  Not sure if I’m entirely on board with that attitude–peanut brittle can’t match my havarti and pinot noir–but I think it’s really charming that they feel that way.



Their products are not available online, unfortunately, so you have to go in store to buy.  I recently picked up a box of their salted caramels for $9.99 (prices vary depending on location).  It was a decently sized box in pretty packaging, but when I opened it up, it was a chaotic dumping of plastic-wrapped caramels.  Of course, that didn’t affect the taste, but if presentation is important to you, or you’re giving this as a gift, it’s a consideration.

I love salted sweets–chocolate-covered pretzels, butter pecan ice cream–so I’ve eaten my fair share.  This salted caramel was different than others I’ve tried.  The caramel was very soft, which was great, and the chocolate tasted pretty high quality.  I think they overdid the salt, though.  The salt crystals were huge, and covered most of the surface of the caramel.  Plus, the caramel itself seemed very salty.  So the bad news is that it’s not the best I’ve ever had.  But the good news is that because of the salt, I couldn’t eat more than two in a sitting.  Doesn’t sound like a problem?   Obviously you’ve never taken out a half bag of Oreos in a single fifteen minute period.  I need all the help I can get in place of will power.

Other items for sale include licorice, lollipops, jaw breakers, and gumballs.  I was especially charmed by the jar of nostalgic candy, which contained old favorites like candy buttons and Bit-o-Honey.  And the jar of gummy fried eggs–how clever is that?


Final verdict–a delightful collection of sweet treats worth checking out.


Have you tried any of the other candies from The Candy Store at The Shops at Target?  Tell us about it below!

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