LOVE IT: Poetic Licence Shoes


Poetic Licence is a shoe company based out of London.  They’re pretty new, having launched their collection just in 2005, and already their shoes are available at Nordstrom, DSW, ModCloth, Endless, Zappos, as well as boutiques in the UK, the USA, and Canada.  Apparently these ladies are on to something.


 Orient Express Pump – $59.31 – $73.73, Mary Jane Pump – $38.98 – $52.26, Feel The Rhythm Peep-Toe Pump – $134

I love these shoes for their utter frivolity.  They’re not classic; they’re not formal; they’re not versatile; they’re not even really that comfortable.  But they’re FUN.  If you love shoes just for being shoes, these are for you.  Poetic Licence experiments with unique color combinations like kelly green and eggplant purple with turquoise bejeweling.  They stick ridiculous broaches on the toes of their shoes.  They sell fuzzy booties with embroidered heels.  Do they sometimes go too far?  Yeah, there are a lot of pairs I’d never wear.  But even when the shoes aren’t my cup of tea, I never fail to get a kick out of them.

See the side of that heel?  That’s wicker.  Yes.  Like what you make lawn furniture out of.  What?!?

Would you wear Poetic Licence?  What are your shoe brand loves?

2 Responses to “LOVE IT: Poetic Licence Shoes”
  1. Calban says:

    These are so cute!!!! I hope you keep us posted on any sales that might come up on these.