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Just in case you’ve been too busy to notice, Father’s Day is right around the corner (coming up on June 17th!).  Whether you’re looking for a gift for your dad, the father of your children, the father of your nieces and nephews, your dog that sired a litter of puppies,  or just some random dad in your life that you want to show appreciation to, we’ve gathered some ideas up that will hopefully move you in the right direction.  All these gifts are from, so can be quirky and random.  But they’ll be one of a kind!


Best Dad Ever Vintage Coffee Spoon – $12

Does your dad love his coffee?  I think this is such a sweet idea.  And just in case you know your mom will guilt you for not having a spoon of her own, you can order one for her too.  You can find this spoon, and many other stamped flatware, at jessicaNdesigns.


Hello Darkness My Old Friend Coffee Art Print – $20

Does your dad have a romantic relationship with his coffee?  Then he’ll probably appreciate the humor in this art print.  Perfect for hanging in an office or man cave.  Perhaps give this to him with a bag of his favorite beans, or at least his favorite roast.  Find this print at Etsy shop Standard.


8 X 10 Golf Print On Vintage Book Page – $8.80

For the dad who likes to golf.  This print comes on a vintage dictionary page.  It does not come framed, so you (or your dad) will have to take care of that yourself.  A fun gift from Etsy shop Winterberry Cottage.  Do you think they serve scones there?  Sounds lovely.


Abstract Modern Painting Ezekiel or Alchemy – $150

Is your dad an art lover?  If so, either of these modern abstract originals might be right up his alley.  Either piece would look great in a contemporary office.  And the nice thing about an original piece of art is that someday it might come back to you (I know, morbid), and if it’s gained in value, it was a good investment to start with.  From Etsy shop linneaheideart.


Savory Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Shortbread – $14

Oh my.  If you get these for your dad can you ask your parents to invite me over for dinner?  Holy moly, those look good.  By Etsy shop BakeCraft.


The World Is In Your Hands Flask – $17.95

If your dad drinks, chances are good that he already owns a flask.  But this flask is very cool, makes for a good conversation starter, and challenges geography knowledge!  I’m sure there’s some sort of drinking game in there.  Regardless, if your dad likes geography, and a good drink, he’ll like this.  From Etsy shop whimsyandink.


1960’s Vintage Barrel Liquor Bar – $125

Does the dad you’re buying for like to entertain?  This barrel bar is pretty darn cool, and the set is complete even though it’s from the 60’s.  The bar itself can either stand freely, or can be mounted to a wall.  It bet his friends would think it’s nifty!  Offered by Etsy shop Objects by Echoes.


Antique Letterpress Printers Electrotype Music Plate – $18

This one is kind of funky, but if your dad likes music, antiques, and collecting he’ll appreciate this.  These music plates are from old Hymnals.  Kind of random, and most likely something your dad does not already have.  Find this at Etsy shop Turners Collectibles.


Music Oriented Collage – $50

This is a mixed media collage titled “Music Oriented”, which any music and art loving dad in your life will most likely appreciate.  8″x10″.  This artist, Angelo Gioka, hails from Queens, New York.  There’s nothing about him at his Etsy shop, ArtbyAngeloGiokas.  I guess he lets his art speak for itself.


Six Pack of Beer Soap – $13.95

If he likes drinking it, he’ll love bathing with it!  Actually, this soap won’t leave dad smelling like beer.  Essential oils take care of that.  The really cool part is you get to build your six pack of soap.  Ships from Etsy shop Homebrew Soaps, which also offers shampoo, candles, and non beer related soaps.


Cards:  Star Wars, Dad You Are Rad, I love, & You’re The Bomb Pop

I love shopping for cards on Etsy.  There are so many great, original cards that you can’t find walking in to your local Rite Aid.  You can find something to suit any type of dad.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?  I happen to know a website for men that is pretty good at keeping tabs on what guys want,  Here’s a post on some suggestions for Father’s Day.

Have you found something great on Etsy for your dad?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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