5 Evening Bag Must-Haves

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A couple months ago we gave you a list of 10 Purse Must-Haves.   Today we tackle the evening bag.  While the purse you schlep around from work to grocery store to yoga is probably a decent size and can hold several handfuls of old receipts and seven or eight lipsticks, evening bags for special occasions are considerably smaller.


1. Mirror

Black Lace Compact Mirror – $17.49 ($32.89) and Pylones Retro Flowers Purse Mirror – $19.99

Yes, a repeat from the list of purse must-haves, but with good reason.  You’ll probably be eating if you’re out for the evening, and lodged food in your teeth is no way to be seen.  Plus, an evening out might mean more makeup than usual, and it’s nice to be able to check that your eyeliner isn’t running, or to reapply lip gloss.


2. Gum or Mints

You killed the boss with your breath.  Way to go.

Remember the office Christmas party?  Remember the garlic spread you inhaled?  Remember trying to schmooze with the boss so he’d consider you for a raise?  You knocked him over with your breath.  No raise for you.

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3. Makeup stick

Shiseido Makeup Accentuating Color Stick$33 and NARS The Multiple – $39

One of the newest trends in makeup is multipurpose products.  For instance, makeup sticks that double as blush, luminizer, eye shadow, lip color, even highlighter for decolletage.  Considering the limited space in an evening bag, these sticks are a perfect solution so that you’re not cramming four or five separate products into a small space.  The Shiseido is available in three colors, while the NARS has a dozen shades.


4. Roll-on Fragrance

Stella McCartney – $20, Clinique Happy – $18, Fresh Sugar Lemon – $18

Although there are many fragrances built to last for hours, most can’t hold up for a whole day or evening.  And if you’re at an event where there might be dancing like a wedding or party, it doesn’t hurt to touch up the perfume in case you’ve been cutting a rug and getting a bit sweaty.  Roll-on fragrances are small, cheap, and easy to apply.


5. Concealer

Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer – $20 and Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer – $18

Our final pick for the evening bag is concealer–also a repeat from the purse picks.  But concealer serves so many purposes.  If your mascara is a bit runny at the end of the evening, wipe away with your fingers and then apply concealer in the same spot in case there is any residual darkness.  Blemishes often appear in the evening out of nowhere, so concealer can save you a bit of embarrassment.  Plus, the concealer in a stick or pencil is so easy to apply–no need for sponges or dealing with drippy products.


What do you think of  our list?  Did we miss anything?

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