Lands’ End Canvas 60% Off Shoes and Accessories

Land’s End Canvas is having a 60% off shoes and accessories sale  for a very limited time.  Started today, and ends tomorrow.  Plus, using the code SUMMERSAVE and pin 2777 gives you free shipping no matter how much–or little–you spend.  Pickings are slim on the women’s side, but there were a few good deals worth considering.


Canvas 1963 Washed Tote – $20 ($50)

A solid canvas tote is nice to have around for travel or day trips.  Throw a bottle of water, your iPod, a towel, sunscreen and some good books in there and you have a day at the beach.  Or for a carry-on the allows easy access on the plane, or even to just schlep around during errand-running.  Available in navy, but my favorite is the natural shown at left.


Anchor Buckle Belt – $20 ($50)

How fun is this anchor belt?  I love these sorts of thoughtful, small details on accessories.  Wear with chinos, jeans, or a shift dress.  Pair with other navy blue accessories to pick up the tones in this belt.


Leather Brass Ring Belt – $28 ($70)

I love this belt.  It has everything I like in a belt–lots of hardware, interesting silhouette, meant to be cinched around the waist instead of worn at the hip.  Plus, it’s wide enough to be flattering on all body types.  Cinch around a blouse, dress, or a cardigan.


Skinny Head Scarf – $8 ($20)

Eight bucks for this darling retro-inspired hair scarf?  Yes please!  Tie around a bun with the ends hanging freely or wear as a headband.  Available in navy dot or chartreuse dot, and made from soft cotton.


Yarn Dye Scarf with Tassels – $28 ($70)

This tasseled, plaid scarf is easy to wear in the summer.  Wrap around your shoulders for a cooler evening, or drape loosely around your neck with it’s rainy out.  Not sure how long it is, but there’s also the possibility to wear as a belt, tied around the waist of a loose sundress.


Double Wrap Leather Bracelet – $8 ($20)

Leather bracelets are really in, as is the layered look, shown at right.  Available in desert clay, alpine green, cinnabar, cerulean blue, hazelnut, and walnut, with nickel hardware.


Sale ends Wednesday, so hurry to stock up on these great deals! 

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