The Shops at Target: Cos Bar

Two weeks ago we gave you the scoop on The Candy Store, a boutique being featured within Target as part of The Shops at Target promotion.  This week we bring you Cos Bar, a boutique  out of Aspen, Colorado, that curates a wide variety of cosmetics.  In their promo, it sounds like they carry lots of different brands at the original store, but what they’re selling at Target are Cos Bar “house” brand items.  This includes tools like nail files and tweezers, as well as bath products like body scrubs, soaps, body washes, and lotions, plus beauty items like nail polish and false eyelashes.  Here’s what the proprietors of Cos Bar have to say:


I recently headed off to my local Target, clandestinely armed with a camera to take a picture of the end-aisle display for this post….and imagine my surprise when faced with a ravaged, three-quarters empty display, and all remaining items 30% off.  What??  A passing employee noticed my distress (I have NO poker face–if you’re ever wearing something awful or I hate your new haircut, you’ll know) and asked if he could help.  I asked about the lack of products and he said that they are already clearing out the old boutique shops for the new ones.  I had reported in the first post on the Shops that in the fall there would be a new selection of boutiques, but I wasn’t aware that the old ones would be replaced.  So this creates a limited window in which to try these products.  Perhaps after a couple rounds of this they’ll figure out which boutiques have sold the best, and make them semi-permanent fixtures?  At any rate, there were a number of bath products still available, so I picked up the Blueberry White Tea Body Lotion to give it a test drive.

Pay no attention to the sad orange clearance sticker.

It smells awesome–sweet from the blueberry, and a hint of earthiness from the white tea.  It isn’t a super light moisturizer, but it’s not oppressively heavy, either.  Originally priced at a reasonable $6 for 10.1 ounces, I got it for $4.20, which seems like a bargain.


Bottom line–Snap up the Cos Bar products while they’re still here–and at discounted prices!


Tried any of the Cos Bar products?  We want to know what you think!

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