The Shops at Target: Polka Dog Bakery


We’ve been reporting on Target’s new(ish) campaign to bring small boutiques from around the country to their mega stores.  This week is the Polka Dog Bakery from Boston.  They say:

Adopting a one-eyed boxer named Pearl inspired Rob and Deb to create a fairy tale land for all the good dogs of Boston.  They began baking and sniffing out the finest treats in the world for their happy following of four-legged friends.  In Pearl’s spirit, the Polka Dog Bakery was born.

You gotta love this story.  Couple adopts a rescue dog and through nursing her back to health, they become keenly interested in dog nutrition and food, so they start their own dog bakery.  As a pretty obsessive dog owner of two hounds, I am interested in all things doggie related.  I picked up a box of their Chicken Flavor Biscuits.

I like that the biscuits are so small.  I like giving my dogs treats throughout the day, and I use them often for training, so I don’t want to be adding tons of calories to their diet by giving them a huge Milk Bone each time.  These are perfect bite-sized treats that won’t make them add pounds quickly.  Both my dogs love them (and one of them happens to have only one eye, too, so I feel a special kinship with this boutique).  Plus, what cute packaging!  Love those turquoise dots and the company logo on the top.  Finally, as we reported last week, many of the current boutiques’ products are on deep discount as Target prepares to make way for a new slew of boutiques coming in early fall.  Originally priced at $3.49, I got these bad boys for $1.74.  Other products include chew toys, food bowls, and harnesses.  BUT, note that all of these products are available in store only.  Check it out.  And for your viewing pleasure, a short video about the Polka Dog Bakery.  By far my favorite of the Target promos–it features tons of cute dogs.  Enjoy!


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