LOVE IT: Pastel nails

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Several weeks ago we reported on great nail colors for the summer.  A trend in all nail colors for summer is pastel.  Mint, pale pink, baby blue, orange sherbet, even beiges are being seen on hands and feet alike.  I LOVE IT.  Pastel is not usually my deal because I’m really pale and really pale people tend to be washed out by pastels.  We look better in bright colors that contrast with our skin.  So I avoid pastel clothing as a rule.  But pastel nail colors?  I’ve come around to loving the look.  There’s something clean and refreshing about a mint manicure or a light orange pedicure.

Put your hands up against the wall…and tell me where you bought that nail polish.

Behold my man hands.  They are glorious in their jar-opening and basketball-palming abilities.  And that nail polish?  OPI Mod About You.  Because pastels are opaque (as opposed to glittery/shimmery/saturated colors), they tend to be streaky.  Apply THIN coats (to avoid bubbling) and let dry well in between applications.  This particular manicure took me two full coats and then one to just touch up the streaky areas, plus the clear top and bottom coat (for more information on at-home manicures, see this post).


Cold feet? No sir! A minty pedicure.

Behold my big feet.  I learned my lesson from the last picture and cropped this one severely so that the enormity of my clown shoe feet is not evident.  The nail polish here is one I recently acquired, Revlon Minted.  This nail polish was also streaky, so I did two full coats of color, and then one to touch up the streaky areas.  This is my new favorite and I’ve worn it on my hands too, but I prefer it on my feet.  Very cool for summer.  Other great pastel nail colors: OPI Hippo To Be Square (opaque lilac), nails inc. Notting Hill Carnival (pale yellow) , essie Marshmallow (white), butter LONDON Hoorah Henri (pale buff), Revlon Blue Lagoon (opaque medium blue).


Pastel Nail Polish.  Perfect for summer.  Your hands and feet will LOVE IT.

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