Too Faced Makeup Review Part I: Eyes

We start off this holiday week with the one of a two part series on Too Faced Makeup.  A while back Sephora offered (and is currently offering) a great deal on a value set of six Too Faced products, and we jumped at the chance to see what this brand has to offer.  This week: eyes.


Eye Shadow

This pretty, whimsical compact is unlike other samples typically found in package deals in that it is full-sized.  It came with four eye shadows (starting from top and going clockwise in the photo at right): Teddy Bear, Blonde Ambition, Satin Sheets, Totally Toasted.  Teddy Bear is a basic, matte brown color while Totally Toasted is a darker, richer brown and has a satin finish.  Blond Ambition is a very shimmery gold-bronze tone that seems to have a small amount of glitter. When I’ve applied it, I can see the glitter that’s fallen off my lids and onto my cheeks.  And the Satin Sheets is a pale pink/gold shimmer.


In this set of photos I’m wearing the Blonde Ambition on the lids and the Teddy Bear at the crease of the lids and up until the brow bone.  The Teddy Bear works well for shading, though it’s probably lighter than what I’d typically wear in the crease since I like a more dramatic effect.  The Blonde Ambition I’m on the fence about–it’s good for evening because it’s really pigmented and really shimmery/glittery.  But daytime or office or casual wear–no go.  Looks too much like you’re going to the club.


In this photo I’m wearing only the Satin sheets, all over the lid and the crease.  Though it’s fairly pink in the compact, it’s really more of a neutral base color on the lid. But it’s very pretty and I can wear it day or night.  No photos of me wearing the Totally Toasted, but it would be good on the lid with a highlighting color on the brow bone, and a dark eyeliner.

Unfortunately, it appears that you cannot buy these specific colors individually.  You can buy them in the value set, or you can buy other colors individually (at least, these are the options for online purchasing–in store may have more options).  But it’s good to know that these products are high quality and deeply pigmented–a good value.


Eyelid Primer

This adorably named “Shadow Insurance” is a primer for your eyelids to help shadow adhere and last for as long as possible.  Out of the tube, it has a pearl tone that’s very pretty.  In fact, if you’re not a big eye makeup person, you could try just blending the primer over your lid for a bit of simple shimmer.  I really like this primer because a teeny tiny bit is sufficient to cover both lids, AND, it works.  Double plus bonus.



I’m very particular about mascara–I want something that will give me volume and length.  I also think no one makes a better brand than Maybelline, so it’s hard to impress me…and Too Faced Lashgasm did not.  This mascara does add length, but it made my lashes look so skinny and sparse.  It didn’t come close to my Maybelline Falsies.  Boo hoo.


Overall, I’ve been impressed with the Too Faced brand.  Check in again next week for part deux, as the kids say, of my review–lip gloss, blush, and bronzer!

6 Responses to “Too Faced Makeup Review Part I: Eyes”
  1. Kelly says:

    Random question: What type of eye makeup remover do you use to get your Maybelline Falsies off? I’ve recently tried a waterproof mascara that I love, but it works too well…I can’t get it off. I use True Essential Eye Makeup Remover. It’s worked great for other brands that I’ve tried, but not my current.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Kelly–I use the regular version of Maybelline Falsies, not the waterproof…for the exact reason you gave. I’ve never found a waterproof mascara that didn’t adhere like superglue even when using remover, and I’ve never found a remover that worked well on waterproof mascara. I’ve been thinking of doing a post on different makeup removers, though, so perhaps I’ll get to the bottom of it soon. (And you let me know if you get there before me :)

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    When I use waterproof mascara, I use a bit of plain old olive oil to get it off. Swipe on with closed eyes, let sit for half a minute, then gently rub it off. Best way to get off waterproof makeup that I’ve found so far.

    • Sarah says:

      Jennifer, that’s a really good tip! I googled using olive oil as a makeup remover, and it looks like it’s pretty popular. Great way to condition your lashes too.

  3. Kelly says:

    I am going to have to try that! Thank you for the suggestion! I was about ready to throw in the towel with my mascara. I love the way it looks, but I also know that it is damaging to leave mascara coated on your lashes overnight.