BR Sale: 40% off marked down merchandise

Banana Republic must have trucks out back waiting to unload new merchandise because they are slashing prices on already reduced items.  40% off the sale price!  What??  Use code BRSTARS through July 4th to stock up on all the items you’ve been wishing for.  Our picks, in order of price, below:


Dirt Cheap

Colorful Teardrop Earrings – $14.99

$15 for anything at BR?  Um, yes please.  These beaded earrings are in a stylish and flattering (read: face-slimming) teardrop shape, and come in white and blue.  For a couple more bucks, you can also get them in pink.


Fitted Non Iron Liza Striped Shirt – $17.99 ($29.99)

I LOVE button down shirts.  I think they look great on everyone, you can wear them on a Saturday while vacuuming, out that evening, or to work on Monday, depending on how you accessorize them.  BR makes a great button down–I own several–and this subtle pinstripe adds a little something.


Cabochon Row Bracelet – $17.99

Mixing blues and greens has been a huge trend since spring, and one that I’m on board with.  This bracelet gets mixed reviews for quality, but it looks just darling online.  If you don’t mind taking a chance (albeit a cheap one), this could be a welcome addition to your jewelry box.


Mimi Gathered Floral Tank – $18.59 ($30.99)

This tank with a gathered neckline and shoulder straps comes in a simple, attractive floral print.  I’ve been seeing a lot of this black and white style print (Kate Spade has a couple handbags like it) this season.  You could wear this top as is with jeans or slacks, or if your office has a stricter dress code, wear under a blazer.


Pretty Darn Cheap

Linen/Cotton Bermuda Short – $23.99 ($39.99)

Since last summer, I’ve been rocking the bermuda short.  I have long legs, but heavier thighs and wide hips, so normal shorts make me look a little unbalanced.  Bermuda shorts are the solution.  They lengthen and slim the top part of your leg.  Plus, I’ve been styling them up with heels and pretty blouses, and they look great.  This linen/cotton blend will keep you cool during the dog days of summer.


Sexy Side Zip Legging – $29.99 ($49.99)

Oh dear.  One of the pitfalls of writing for full clutch is  that we are required to seek out fabulous clothing and deals…which we are then tempted to buy.  Behold the legging I could not resist this morning as I wrote this post.  So this is not your typical plain cotton with a bit of stretch legging.  This pant appears to be (from the reviews) a ponte knit-style legging.  What is ponte knit?  Well first of all, I’m sure it was invented by a woman. Ponte knit is stretchy, comfortable, moldable fabric that is THICK.  Regular leggings are comfortable, there’s no doubt about it, but because it’s just thin cotton, they show every bump and lump.  Ponte knit hides all of that.  I own two pairs of black ponte knit pants and I’m never going back.  The only drawback is that because it’s a thick material, it’s not great for summer.  But I’ve got my eye on fall, and these bad boys are coming with me!


Still Cheap

Ombre Beaded Clutch Handbag – $35.99

These beaded clutches have great texture, a magnetic snap, and a zipped interior.  The description says it’s an ombre style, which means it starts dark and then fades, or starts as one color and transitions into another, but I’m not really seeing that from the photos.  Great for an evening out.


Sparkle Cable Knit Sweater – $35.99 ($59.99)

Yes, it’s summer, and this is a sparkly cable knit sweater.  Not exactly a match made in heaven.  But this is the time to buy those items you’ll want for the fall and winter.  Sparkly clothing says Christmas and New Year’s Eve to me.  Love the warm almond color at left and the cool snowflake color at right.


Heritage Georgette Blouse – $41.99 ($69.99)

The first item that caught my eye on BR’s site–how lovely is this sheer top?  The model is wearing it with a camisole underneath.  I especially love the grey at right–you could tuck into a skirt as shown, or wear loose with jeans or leggings.



Knit Lace Dress – $49.99 ($77.99)

This simple, elegant sheath dress would be perfect for a summer day at the office, or your SO’s work party.  Lace seems to be a trend that is sticking around, and this is a pretty reasonable price.


Kylie Print Strapless Dress – $53.99

Look at all that color!  This would be the perfect dress for a summer wedding.  The hem falls appropriately at the knees, the colors are vibrant and fun, and the dress is fully lined with a bodice for extra bust support.  Available in most sizes, and lots of great reviews.


Rhea Color Block Sandals – $59.99

Normally I like flashier shoes but something about the silhouette of these sandals called to me.  I like that thick strap around the bottom of the toes, and the chunky, tapered heel.  These would be easy to walk in.  Available in black or this sort of snake skin print which is charming.


Stock up on the goods!  Sale ends just before midnight on July 4th!

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  1. jon says:

    Pretty sure you meant to write invented by a woman versus “invited”.. Nice to post nonetheless.