Friend Recommends: Levi’s Jeans

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Friend Recommends–Sarah’s and my favorite segment because our friends do the work for us!  This week’s reviewer is Katharine, my beloved sister who knows her jeans and has been a clotheshorse since the tender age of 12.  It must be something in the blood.

What is the name of the product, and where can you get it?

Levi’s Curve ID and you can get it online or at any Levi’s store.  See this part of the Levi’s website for the relevant quiz.

What does the product do?
Levi’s has developed a set of questions where they ask yourself about your shape and about the issues you typically encounter when buying pants.  They ask you how curvy you are, ask you about the shape of your butt, and then the most helpful question is when they ask you what main problem you have with your existing pants.  For instance, mine is that the pant legs are always too loose on me and the waist is always too tight.  Once you answer each of these questions (either at the store or online), they recommend a specific style of jean for you to try on.  When I selected the one they recommended, it was without a doubt the best-fitting jean I have ever worn.  I also, out of curiosity, tried on a different pair that was NOT recommended for me, just to see if there really was a big difference and there was – that jean didn’t fit me well at all even though it was the same size.
Which jeans do you like best (cut, fit, rise, color, etc) from Levi’s?
I myself am the “slight curve” fit type, and I like the slim leg (they have skinny, straight, bootcut, and flare as other options) because it is almost a skinny jean so it is fashionable but not so skinny that it’s cutting off your circulation.  I always prefer their darkest washes because I do think most jeans fade pretty quickly over time
How is the pricing on these jeans?
Usually between $60-$100, but they last FOREVER.  Seriously, forever.
How long have you been using this product?
This Curve ID thing is new and I just discovered it a few months ago.
Why is it different from other products you’ve used?
Because most stores have a specific fit that is unique to the store.  I think most women find themselves avoiding certain stores because they know that every pant in that store is not the right fit for their specific body type.  It is refreshing that Levi’s is attempting to reach women of all shapes and sizes in offering this new line of jeans.
Hey friend, do you have something to recommend?  Have you tried a product you’re just in love with and think other women should know about it?  If so, send an email via our contact page, with the subject Friend Recommends.

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