Magic Mike: The view is good from here

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A few nights ago I found out how much fun it can be to watch a movie about male stripping with a large group of tipsy, leaving-the-hubby-and-kids-at-home, “letting go of some inhibitions” women can be.  As I settled into my theater seat with my dixie cup full of red wine (there goes an inhibition), I didn’t realize the wild, and hysterical, ride that awaited.  The theater was packed, with about 10 males in total, and all other bodies filling the seats eagerly anticipating Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey stripping down to just a well wrapped, um, package.  And I was with a group of newly made friends, that throughout the movie acted as if they actually were in the strip club, which made the movie that much more fun.

Here’s the deal with Magic Mike though, there’s actually a story there about the dark, seedy underbelly of the “male revue” business, which led to many “we didn’t come here for this” comments from the audience.  Don’t go to the movie expecting it to be just a light-hearted romp through the world of male strippers and what they spend their cash on, like drugs.  Which may or may not lead to a scenario in which a teacup pig eats vomit off a bedroom floor.  Yes, gross.  But looking past that, this is a fun movie to go see with a group of your best, or new, girlfriends.  And if there are any guys along for the ride, yes, there is female nudity in the film as well.

Not just about porn

So my thoughts on the film?  I liked it.  It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, and paying to watch it once in the theater was enough for me, but there was a good story line, and love story, within.  Channing Tatum did a good job playing the guy that right out of high school was sucked into a glamorous lifestyle that ultimately left him wanting more (his dream is to own a custom furniture business).  His character is street smart, but not so book smart.  He has a knack for business, but lacks the credit our society demands to truly realize his ultimate dream.  Adam (Alex Pettyfer) is a fairly one dimensional character.    He’s just a dumb, young guy, that by a stroke of luck meets Magic Mike and proceeds to fall into that glamorous life Mike once loved.  His disapproving sister provides the heroine in the story, and love interest for Magic Mike.  And then there’s Dallas, played my Matthew McConaughey, the headstrong, seedy owner of the male revue club where most of the stripping goes down.  Even in the club, between the pounding music, screaming women, and themed strip routines, you’re shown some interesting trick of the trade, and what can happen if they go wrong.

So ladies, if you’re planning on seeing this with a group of girlfriends, remember that this movie is NOT just about stripping, just like Boogie Nights was not a movie just about porn.  But the stripping scenes?  Oh it truly is raining men, and you’ll enjoy them.



Have you seen Magic Mike? What did you think?


One Response to “Magic Mike: The view is good from here”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    That movie was a LOT of fun! Entertaining overall, but I could have done without the story line; I would have much rather have seen a lot more dancing from Magic Mike. Who knew that Channing had such skills?! I wonder if the DVD will have some dancing bonuses….maybe a reason to buy? 😉