Too Faced Makeup Review Part II: Lips, Cheeks & Face

Last week I gave a review of brand Too Faced’s mascara, eye shadow, and primer.  This week is the second half of that review in which I bring a critic’s eye to lip gloss, blush, and bronzer.


First, the gloss.  Like mascara, I’m very critical of lip gloss.  So many lip glosses out there, so many price ranges, so many bad products, so many good products.  Basically, there are a lot of options and I know what I like so you have to do something special.  This lip gloss gets pretty close.

Pucker up.

I love the color–very pale peach (the color really isn’t noticeable on the lip), with beautiful, delicate sparkle.  The sparkle reflects off the lip but it’s not over-the-top glitter like you just kissed a stripper.  (No offense to all the strippers out there reading this.)  It also lasts for a long time–through light eating and drinking.  The drawback is the stickiness and flavor.  It’s very tacky, so you’re liable to get wisps of hair stuck on your mouth.  Also, it’s very sweet–maybe slightly apricot flavored–and I don’t care for that at all.  Bottom line: a decent gloss, especially for the look, which is truly pretty.  Unfortunately, this gloss is not sold separately from the value set.  However, there are other glosses that are probably similar in quality, like this Glamour Gloss or this Mood Swing balm.  The former option claims to also plump your lips, while the latter claim to change color depending on your mood.  I’d be curious to know if any readers have tried either of these products and can validate their claims.


Next up, the compact containing both blush (Who’s Your Poppy?) and bronzer (Sun Bunny).

Fake a glow.

I attempted to also photograph myself wearing the blush and bronzer, but subtlety is key with both products, so I couldn’t get it on film unless I caked it on, which looked, not surprisingly, clown-like. The blush is very pretty–a dark pink with lots of gold shimmer in it.  It goes on lightly and is suitable to sort of dust all over your face.  It doesn’t have great staying power, but it’s truly lovely for the first couple hours.  I’ve really never used bronzer before so I was interested to see what the effect would be.  Like the blush, it was very pretty–tan with lots of gold in it–and suitable to dust all over your face without looking like Snooki.  Not great staying power either, but very wearable.  Bottom line: a pretty compact that is good for short-term wear, not so good for all day wear.  You can get the Sun Bunny bronzer here, the Who’s Your Poppy blush here.


Let us know if you’ve tried any other Too Faced products!

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