Metal Cuff Bracelets

I’ve been wanting to write about cuffs for awhile since they’re everywhere.  Though the versatility of cuffs is one of their good qualities, it also made it hard to pick which ones I wanted to feature.  So, this week is for metal cuffs, and then in a week or two I’ll post again about leather cuffs.  Still hard to narrow down all those choices out there, but here below you’ll find an eclectic grouping of glorious metal cuffs.

Forever 21 Spiked Cuff – $8.80

Fifty Shades of Grey fan?  Let the world know with this spiky, S & M inspired cuff.  Love the gunmetal tone and narrowed shape of this cuff.  Pair with an all black ensemble and silver jewelry.


1928 Rose-tone and Silver-tone Floral Cuff Bracelet – $33.95 ($53.95)

If whips and nipple clamps aren’t your idea of romance, this floral cuff in rose and silver tones is lovely and feminine.   This cuff has an antique look, but avoids being fussy with the clean silver lines on either side of the design.  Plus…it’s on sale.  Boom.


ASOS Metallic Snake Print Cuff – $6.63 ($13.26)

I’ve been eyeing this cuff for awhile, and if I didn’t already have a treasure trove of them in my collection, I’d probably take the plunge on this gold and red cuff. (Six dollars?  Hello?)  The description says snake print but this print reminds me more of a cross between stained glass and a mosaic.


Filament with Joy Bracelet – $14.99

From–always on trend–is this lacy cuff featuring cut outs in the shape of leaves.  Reviews are all positive and it appears that this cuff is pretty flexible to allow a custom fit.  The metal is some kind of base, so be prepared for the coloring to gradually scuff and wear, though at $14 it wouldn’t be the end of the world.


Siren Red Peacock Cuff Bracelet – $12.99 ($32.99)

I haven’t seen this particular cuff in person, but I’ve seen other cuffs with this sort of colored stamp on top of metal and it’s very striking.  Peacock feathers are on trend, and if you have an eclectic aesthetic, this cuff would be a good choice for you. And it’s on sale!


Antique Inspire Cuff Bracelet – $18.99

Another ladylike cuff for those with elegant taste.  Love the excessive rhinestones and detailing here.  Lately I’ve been collecting costume jewelry–it makes me feel like Elizabeth Taylor.  Speaking of Ms. Taylor, did you know that she had replicas made of all her most famous pieces of jewelry so that she could wear them out without worrying about them being lost or stolen?  All those times she was photographed with the Krupp diamond?  Fake.  The diamond and ruby necklace from Mike Todd?  Fake.  Sort of seems like she could just skip spending the money on the actual jewels and have great designers make her the fake ones.  But decadence is why we loved her.


Silver Tone Hammered Cuff with Matte Finish – $15.99 ($45)

And for the purists, the ladies who love simplicity and classic lines, we end with this silver hammered cuff, on sale yet again.  I’ve been seeing some sartorialists wear identical hammered cuffs on each wrist and it looks pretty slick.  At $15 per cuff, you can buy two to accomplish this look and still not get up to the original price for one.

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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I LOVE that Siren Red Peacock Cuff!