Colorblock: The easiest trend ever

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Sometimes trends can be hard to get into.  Perhaps you’re not into tribal prints.  And maybe you don’t consider skin tight floral printed skinny jeans all that becoming.  Kimono tops add too much girth to your top half.  Five inch platform wedges invoke your fear of heights.  You are not a sailor.  You are not a cowboy (the boots are big this fall).  You don’t like bearing your love handles via triangular cutouts in a dress.  But how to still satisfy your inner fashionista?  Color block.  It’s super easy, and you can probably already do it with existing items in your closet, or with the addition of just a few new ones.  Here are some suggestions, and we’re going to take advantage of a sale New York & Co. is having.  Most items are buy one, get one 50% off (discount is taken off the least expensive item in your cart, of course).  Free shipping is activated at $100 in your cart after all discounts have been applied.  Prices shown below are full retail, just cut the price in half for the qualifying sale price.


Colorblock Sequined Blouse – $42.95 & Flutter-sleeve Top – $29.95

The top on the left is a great one for a girls night out.  A simple strip of sequin accents provide just a tad of sparkle.  It’s hard to tell on the model, since she was so skinny they had to clip the shirt (which is very visible), but the website says this top has flattering pleating.  Perhaps it’s all tucked up into the back of the shirt.  I love the color combination on the flutter-sleeve top, and it will transition easily into fall.  It’s also available in a salmon color, if yellow does not compliment your skin.


Gabardine Bermuda Short – $42.95 & Linen-Cotton Bermuda Shorts – $29.95

Dressy and casual short options for colorblocking.  The shorts at left are a mostly sateen cotton short, with a little spandex woven in for stretch.  I like the look with the black shirt.  Accessorize with a statement necklace in turquoise.  And speaking of turquoise, the shorts at right are a cotton/linen blend; great for hot days.   You could pair these with a navy top, neutral belt, and yellow necklace, or go yellow on the belt.  Like shorter shorts?  Check these out.


Abstract-Pattern Colorblock Dress – $59.95Geometric Print Wrap Dress – $52.95

Dresses like this do all the color blocking for you.  The dress at left is fairly billowy on top, so women with larger shoulders might want to avoid this one, otherwise you run the risk of looking really top heavy.  Instead, opt for the wrap dress.  Both dresses tie at the waist to accentuate your slimmest area.


The Crosby Street City Double Stretch Jacket – $69.95

Pair this jacket with dark blue denim and a white top.  Easy breezy.  The button stance on this jacket will accentuate the thinner part right below your chest.  Also available in yellow and black.


Geometric Print Pencil Skirt – $46.95 & Side-Button City Stretch Skirt – $42.95

Obviously the skirt on the left will take care of your colorblocking for you.  I really love the draping and buttons on the skirt at right.  So very cute, and with black you can choose any color you want for your top half.  The skirt is also available in a coral pink and yellow. I know pencil skirts don’t move as well as a-line skirts, but they look really great on a woman’s body.  A must have for every girl.


3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Long Cardigan – $44.95Side Shirred Chelsea Cardi – $39.95

These lightweight cardigans are great pieces to transition into fall with.  Jewel tones are going to be big this season, and these colors definitely fall into that category.  The same colored tops underneath keep the colorblock going.


Enamel Abstract Crescent Necklace – $22.95Chunky Mix-Bead Necklace – $19.95

New York & Company has some really fun jewelry, and it’s really cheap!  And it’s also part of the buy one, get one 50% off, as are all other accessories.  I’m digging the retro enamel necklace show at left, and the chunky bead necklace is a really fast way to incorporate a little more color into your colorblocked outfit, or you can use it to tie colors together.

No word on when the buy one, get one 50% off sale ends, so best be gettin’ to it.  Happy shopping!

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