A Little Birdie Told Me: Bird Prints

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Several months ago I wrote up the trend of birds appearing in jewelry.  The bird trend has faded a bit–I was surprised to find so many fewer options than even just a couple months ago–but it’s one of my favorites of recent years so I managed to cobble together some great bird print pieces in clothing, accessories, and even shoes.  Enjoy!


You Preen Up Well Bird Top – $37.99

This sheer number from Modcloth.com is simple, sweet, and ladylike with its lightweight material, small bird print, and Peter Pan collar.  A touch pricey for such thin material–you’ll have to pair with a camisole underneath–but you can dress up with a high-waisted pencil skirt, or dress down with jeans and a blazer.


White Bird Bella Flowy Tank – $20 and Hummingbird American Apparel Tank Top – $20

Not wanting to commit a lot of money to a trend?  How about these cheap tanks?  Both come in multiple colors and are an easy way to add the bird trend to your wardrobe without going broke.  The tank at left in particular seems like it could stand the test of time–it’s such an iconic image, a bird perched on a thin branch.


Bird Print Cotton Skirt – $12.99

Alright, full disclosure, this is a mini skirt from Charlotte Russe.  Not a big fan of CR–cheap clothing, most of it skimpy and grossly trendy. But I just love this print of white birds in flight against a black background.  So if you love mini skirts and don’t mind spending $13 on this piece that will most likely lose its shape or fade or fall apart in the wash within a year, go for it.


Oasis Bird Print Dress with Dipped Hem – $79.54

I’ve been looking to ASOS more and more for unique pieces for my own wardrobe.  This sheer royal blue  dress has a funky hemline–sort of the mullet look without being over the top–a skinny belt, a slightly pleated skirt, and a vibrant red and turquoise bird print.  The description doesn’t mention lining but it looks dark enough that it must have some sort of double layer.


Laundry by Shelli Segal Women’s Bird Print Chiffon Dress – $99.23 ($245)

This pick is a stretch on two accounts: 1) it’s expensive, and 2) not much of a bird print.  But I think that design is supposed to be feathers.  And it’s so colorful and beautiful, I just had to include it.  It looks pretty short, so be prepared to show a little leg, or perhaps style it up with leggings.


Tulle Bird Print Day Dress – $54.99 ( $69)

Another sale, this one more affordable than the previous.  I love the Tulle brand for fabric and colors, but truth be told, the sizing/fit is super funky.  Being a medium in one shirt means nothing for the next–I’ve worn smalls in some Tulle items and I’ve not been able to fit into x-large in other items.  My strategy has been to pick items that will have some wiggle room for sizing and I think this loose fitting sheath meets that criteria.  Simple styling with a charming red and white print.

Old Navy Womens Bird Print Scarves
– $14.94

A simple blue and white bird print scarf from Old Navy.  Wear on cool summer evenings, or cinch around your waist as a belt.  Or, save for fall to carry the bird trend into the next season.

Kate Spade New York Ivy – $129.99

Oh Kate Spade.  You have a bit of multiple style disorder, don’t you?  Some of her pieces are classic and clean, and others…have fuschia parakeets on them.  Still, I was so charmed by these funny sandals.  Pretty expensive for such minimal construction but if you’re a bird lover outside of the trend, these might be a good buy for you.


Got a favorite bird print item that’s still available for purchase online?  Beth is standing by with her credit card–tell us about it below!

3 Responses to “A Little Birdie Told Me: Bird Prints”
  1. Sarah says:

    I want that Oasis bird print dress from ASOS.

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    Regarding the white bird Bella flowy tank – I that same print on a long sleeved-t from Rainbow Swirlz on etsy, and it was a great purchase. The material is thin but not sheer (at least in black), and I get compliments on the quirky crow every time I wear it.