FC Lab: Self Tanning Towlette & Pad

Having never used a self tanning product before, I was nervous to get going on my final review of all the samples that were offered in the Sun Safety Kit from Sephora.  Thankfully, besides smelling a little weird, everything is ok.  At least for now.  It’s been four hours since I applied the Kate Somerville 360° Face Self Tanning Pad and the Tan Towel Classic Self-Tan Towelette For Face & Body and so far nothing funky has happened. To be honest, I actually haven’t noticed that much of a difference.


Before & After

I already have a decent natural summer tan going on my arms and legs, so I can’t say I noticed much change.  From the picture above, my leg does look a little darker in the “After” image, but not by a measurable amount.


Before & After

Wow, my stomach is on the internet.  Yikes!  Not much difference to speak of at all, and this is the part of my body that really hasn’t seen much sun this year.  I never realized how much tanner my left arm is from driving!


Before & After

Unfortunately the lighting in these pictures is not comparable, so it’s hard to tell if any difference was made.  It does look like I have a bit of streaking in the after picture, but taking a good, hard look in the mirror it’s not really noticeable.

So onto reviews of the actual products.  Let’s start with the Kate Somerville 360° Face Self Tanning Pad.  The tanning lotion is contained on a portion of the pad, which is sealed off.  Once the seal is peeled off the lotion is exposed, but there are clean areas of the pad to grip, so you don’t have to worry about getting the product on your hands.  The one drawback to this is the back of the pad in supported by a soft, pliable plastic.  This creates an edge to the pad that is uncomfortable if you hit the wrong spot (for instance, applying the lotion to your cheek and the edge hitting your under eye lid).  You can bend the pad so the edges aren’t exposed, but they you get the lotion on your hands.  The fragrance is light, and seems to dissipate quickly.  The lotion is moisturizing and contains good peptides and anti-aging ingredients, plus it’s formulated without many harsh chemicals.  I have nothing to compare it against, but for a first time self tanning experience, the product was good.

The Tan Towel Classic Self-Tan Towelette For Face & Body is a large towel that feels like a wet wipe.  It’s pretty soaked when you pull it out of the package, but not to the point of dripping.  It was straight forward and easy to use.  You do get the lotion on the palms of your hands, but just wash your palms off after application.  The fragrance is listed as a light, citrus fragrance.  It reminded me a bit of natural  citrus cleaner (which isn’t a bad smell), and it faded pretty quickly.  I didn’t moisturize before I applied the lotion, which I found out after the fact that I should of, but my skin felt fairly moisturized right after use.  About an hour later, though, my skin felt dry.  So make sure to exfoliate in the shower and then apply your moisturizer before using the tanning towel.  Also keep in mind that areas with thicker skin (like elbows and knees) can pick up more lotion and become darker, so apply a little lighter in those areas.

Look at me, I’m a self tanning expert now!  All in all, the products were fine, but if I was really wanting a tan I might be somewhat disappointed.  Perhaps in the dead of winter I would have seen a tan show up more, but at this point I think I’d have to use more than one application to see results.  One area I did see improvement on are my existing tan lines, they became less visible (for example the sandal tan lines on my feet).  The Tan Towel would work well as a quick fix for tan lines if you need to wear a strapless dress and don’t have time to even out your tan.

Stay tuned for Beth’s review next week of another self tanning product.  Then we’ll do a wrap up post, with our top favorites from the Sun Safety Kit.

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