Guilty Pleasure – The Kardashians

She's hunting...

Ah, the Kardashians.  What a trip.  From Kim’s fairy tale wedding and marriage to Kris Humphries that lasted a little over two months, to the insanity that is Bruce Jenner’s face, there’s no denying that the Kardashian clan create the likes of a train wreck so epic anyone is hard pressed to turn away.

A few weeks back I sent out an e-mail to several ladies asking them to reveal some of their guilty pleasures.  I figured the Kardashians were bound to pop up somewhere, but one response I got from a close friend was too good not to share:

“My guilty pleasure, which I would NEVER admit to even if my life depended on it, is that I cannot help but Keep up with the Kardashians.  Yep you heard me.  This guilty pleasure includes but is not limited to Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kim and Kourtney take New York, Khloe & Lamar …basically any spin off that includes a family member who decides to live their life in front of the camera for my viewing pleasure.”

“Yes, thanks to my trusty DVR, I am guilty of wasting several hours becoming intimately acquainted with the entire Kardashian clan in the privacy of my bedroom.”

Like mother, like daughters

“To avoid the utter humiliation I would feel if someone were to discover my sick fascination with E Entertainments narcissistic raven beauties I immediately change the channel the moment my husbands truck pulls into our driveway.  I could not bear the look of disgust that would be written all over his face.  He would never understand my need to keep up with their made for TV emotional drama, their relentless sibling rivalries, or their ever growing hair extensions and enormous back sides.  That is why I break into an immediate sweat if I fail to delete any sign of their existence on our DVR.  Thank goodness our kid is DVR savvy and thus can take the fall for his dear old mom, “I don’t know honey, maybe our son recorded it by accident.”  MMmmwwahahahaha.”

I had to ask a few follow-up questions, just to try to understand her fascination a bit more:

Why the Kardashians?

“I think in a way I can relate to Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe because I grew up with two sisters.  I’ve also been fascinated with hair and make-up my entire life and let’s just face it; they wear more hair extensions and pack on more make-up than anyone else you see on TV these days.”

Any specific details about their lives that suck you in?

“What sucks me in is the good ole family drama…I secretly wish I would’ve had that kind of drama growing up.  Kris Jenner is a pretty cooky mom but she’s definitely involved in her kids lives.”

Why do you feel guilty about following them?

“I think the guilt that comes over me for watching The Kardashians isn’t just knowing my husband’s opinion of the show but also stems from my own personal disgust with certain programs of reality television. There’s really no value in THIS particular choice of entertainment yet it still manages to suck me in.”

If you could be any Kardashian, which one would you be?

“If I could be any Kardashian I think I would have to go with Kim Kardashian.  As Tess McGill in Working Girl so aptly put it, “I have a head for business and a bod for sin.  Is there anything wrong with that?”.


How about you? Any love for, or guilty fascination with the Kardashians?

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