No: Ash Bowie or Bea

Ash Bowie, Bowie Multi, or Bea ($225 – $295)

Tone your butt more running a mile in these

Oh my.  From the mouth of my better half, “they look like athletic sneakers and hooker shoes had a baby”.


But what say you?  They have likes on facebook, and a good review.  Would you wear them?


2 Responses to “No: Ash Bowie or Bea”
  1. numbercruncher says:

    Most sneaker-wedge hybrids look very unpleasant. I agree that the ones where no attempt is made to hide the heel are utter trash.

    I will however come out in defense of instances where the heel is hidden well enough that the shoes look like a pair of high tops. The Isabel Marant version comes to to mind:

    I say this with zero personal bias. As a guy I’m not defending my own choice. There’s just something really clever about convincingly hiding a wedge heel in a pair of sneakers that I appreciate and the end result can in certain instances look appealing.

  2. Sarah says:

    I think the issue I take with them is they just feel “costumey” to me. They look like you’d wear them at Halloween with your sexy Punky Brewster outfit. But that’s just my take on them. Some women have a very eclectic style, and they would have no problem pulling them off.