J.Crew Sale: 30% off Final Sale Items

J.Crew is offering 30% off all final sale items on their regular site, and their factory site, through the end of today, with code SHOPNOW.  Sounds great, since it’s 30% off already reduced items, but remember–these are final sale!  No returning because those pants are a bit snug in the waistband.  Pickin’s tend to be slim with final sales, but we’ve managed to find some selections that have a wide variety of sizes left.  Enjoy and happy shopping!


Inez Patent Sandals – $55.99 ($128)

Now, normally I need a bit of a heel or at least some arch support, but I love the latticework detail on the toe strap on these sandals–and that patent shine.  Available in the bright dahlia and black (shown), as well as rusty copper.  Tons of sizes, including half sizes.


Mona Printed Pumps – $69.99 ($248)

How fun are these pumps?  Shown in bright persimmon, navy, and black, with a 3.75 heel (which is just at the top of my heel height tolerance).  I especially love the navy with those little anchors.  ‘Tis the season for fun details and prints, so stock up if you love it.  They also have two more patterns for quite a bit more money, but they’re equally darling.


Schoolboy Blazer in Eyelet – $69.99 ($175)

This schoolboy blazer is made in a really feminine white eyelet, which is that fabric with the small decorative holes, rimmed with thread.  It says the fit is “shrunken” which I believe is code for size up if you don’t like a skin-tight fit.  Although…last time I bought a blazer from J.Crew it ran really big, so maybe it just evens out to normal on this one?  Anyway, lots of sizes available again.


Optic-dot Boatneck Tee – $24.15 ($45)

Sometimes on a weekend I want to wear something casual, but not that ink-stained tee that I do housework in…and I realize I don’t own much that fits that category.  This gradient-style tee in navy and cyan would solve that problem.  A boatneck–which stylists claim doesn’t look good on most people, but I disagree completely.  I think it makes your neck look longer and displays your collarbone, which is very feminine and pretty.


Swiss-dot Dress – $20.99 ($128)

The price on this dress really, really freaks me out.  $20?  For a lined, swiss-dot dress?  In this season’s hottest color?  Ummmm, what?  So buyer beware, maybe it’s too good to be true.  Or maybe we’re just really lucky.


Ella Dress in Pop Art Polka Dot – $55.99 ($158)

Another lovely frock at a decent price.  This is a navy background with white polka dots, made from a cotton/silk blend.  It also has, interestingly, a true corset with actual boning in it.  That means you’ll be sucked in good and tight, the girls held high…but it could be uncomfortable.  Best worn to events where you’ll be able to stand and walk most of the time.  You don’t want to sit through a two hour dinner in this bad boy.


Remember, sale ends at 11:59pm ET.  Use code SHOPNOW to get your 30% off at checkout!

2 Responses to “J.Crew Sale: 30% off Final Sale Items”
  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for the finds. I just ordered the “Swiss-Dot” dress for my wife as a surprise, & I’m excited for it to ship.

    • Alex says:

      As an update; the dress arrived & fits/looks great. The measurements supplied were pretty spot-on.

      Thanks Beth!