Guilty Pleasures: Overheard in New York

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Some years ago I discovered the delightful website Overheard in New York.  As advertised, this site invites readers to post snippets of conversation they’ve overheard while on the streets, buses, and subways of New York City.  Many of these snippets are so funny because they’re taken completely out of context.  And they’re so weird, you think to yourself, what on earth were they talking about?  Others are simply funny on their own.  A couple favorites:

Girl to her workout buddy: I met someone amazing, he’s charming, educated and bipolar…

20-something girl to friend: We’re not even Facebook friends… She can’t just be talking to me about anal beads.

Lady lying under U-haul van: I think you broke my ankle, yo.

Pants-less girl: I miss having taste buds.

College girl to another: I knew you were drunk because every time you opened a beer can you said a Snapple fact.

Girl to friend: We’re not really dating, we’re not really friends either, we have a sexual acquaintanceship.


They also have sister sites: Overheard in the Office, Overheard at the Beach, and Overheard Everywhere.   These sites aren’t going to make you smarter or kinder, but they sure are a delicious Guilty Pleasure.  Enjoy!


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One Response to “Guilty Pleasures: Overheard in New York”
  1. Mike N says:

    Well… my boss is not going to thank you for introducing a new guilty pleasure. Looks entertaining to me.