LOVE IT: Atlantic-Pacific

Featured photo credit.  All other images courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific.

A couple weeks ago during a sale post, I mentioned my admiration of style blog Atlantic-Pacific.  I don’t know much about the writer, but I believe she’s a buyer for some luxury store on the east coast.  That’s the extent of my knowledge–I don’t even know her name.  Unlike most style bloggers, she writes almost nothing, and just posts pictures of her various outfits.  So maybe that makes her site really just a lookbook, and not a blog.  Either way, I’m a fan.

I like her blog because she uses both new and vintage pieces, combines luxury brands (Burberry, Valentino, Hermes) with affordable labels (Zara, H & M), and incorporates trends (pastel nails, skinny jeans) alongside classic looks (boucle suits, stiletto pumps, black cigarette pants).  Most of it you could easily replicate without breaking the bank–vintage Chanel aside.

You get the feeling looking at the photos that she spends an extraordinary amount of time putting her look together.  She rarely wears just a dress.  It’s a dress with a sweater layered over it, cinched by a belt, and five different bangles on one wrist and two separate sets of stacking rings on the other, plus nails painted to match her exact ensemble, and the perfect bag to top it all off.  Truly, it can be exhausting scrolling through the photos.  But if you look with the intention of not comparing yourself (and your closet) to her, but instead getting inspiration, or even just feeding your eyes a bit, it is a really fun blog to follow.

Yep, saw this dress on her and immediately bought it for myself.  I’m weak.

We’re always looking for style inspiration here at full clutch–what style blogs do you follow?

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  1. Kelly says:

    I’m loving her style as well!