Guilty Pleasures: Pretty Little Liars

Yeah, I know this show takes place in a high school. Don’t judge me.

I love television.  I think it gets a bad wrap.  There are all these people so proud to declare, “I don’t watch TV; I don’t even own one!”  Well good for you, you’re missing out on really smart, compelling shows like Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad.  You’re missing out on pop culture references from Girls.  Anddddd….you’re missing out on delicious, soapy, gossipy, melodramatic delights like Pretty Little Liars.  Yeah, it’s not going to add any points to your IQ.  But who cares!  This show has everything I love in a juicy soap opera.  Never mind that it’s about high school kids.  The drama still translates.  The premise of the show is four friends trying to figure out what happened to the fifth member of their clique, who disappeared without a trace.  While this is going on, they begin receiving text messages, allegedly from their missing friend.  The messages are of a threatening nature–this person knows all their secrets, even the ones they haven’t told each other.  Though the mystery starts off being what happened to Allison, it quickly becomes an all encompassing obsession with finding out who this anonymous texter really is.


Warning–use of this product may cause dependency.

Besides the really compelling plot, I love the depiction of high school girls in this show.  They are supportive of each other.  They are loyal.  They are kind.  Yes, they mess up and occasionally and hurt one another, but their intentions are usually good, and I love to see that depiction of young women.  One of the four comes out as a lesbian, and the other three accept it without condition.  They also aren’t perfect angels.  Another one of the four has a shoplifting problem; a third cheats on an assignment.  Pretty Little Liars shows a variety of family structures, and a variety of parental-child relationships.  My only beef?  It seems to be promoting/accepting of a romantic relationship between one of the characters and her high school English teacher.  Ummm…no.  If you can get past that though, it’s SO entertaining.  Make a cocktail or an indulgent sundae, put your feet up and revel in this luscious Guilty Pleasure.

Any other closet Pretty Little Liars fans out there?


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