Polka Dot Nails

Polka dots are everywhere, yes?  Including toes and fingers.  There are a lot of ways to achieve this look, depending on how perfect and symmetrical you want your pedi/mani to look–through dotting tools, rhinestones, and brushes.  I wanted to to try out this look without investing in extra tools, so I devised a way to create polka dot nails using items you probably already have at your home.


First start with a base coat.  This is Rimmel Purple Rain, my favorite brand of nail polish, and one of my favorite colors.  Looks black in the photos but it’s actually a dark eggplant.  Here I painted a coat of clear gloss first (to prevent yellowing), then two coats of Purple Rain.


On a piece of foil or saran wrap (anything non-porous, really), pore a small amount of the color you want for your polka dots.  Here I’m using Sally Hansen Timeless White.  Find yourself a bobby pinor a stick pin with a round top.


Pry the bobby pin open and dip one end in the polka dot color.


Apply polka dots to the top of the nail.  There’s no need to dip in between each dot, you can probably use a single dip for two or three dots.  Don’t worry if the dots aren’t the same size or shape–I think there’s something sort of appealing about the haphazard look.  If you get thin streaks of polka dot color outside of the dot, simply wipe away with the other tip of the bobby pin.


Don’t overcrowd with dots–it’s probably better to be restrained than overly zealous about it.


The final product–polka dot toenails.

Always a manicure enthusiast, recently I’ve been more interested in patterns and embellishments on nails.  I’ll be bringing more of these write-ups to full clutch in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Hey, any nail art fans out there?  Recommendations for tools, blogs, or polishes?  Post in the comments or send me an email: beth@fullclutch.com! 


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