Guilty Pleasures: The Golden Girls

There is something to be said about the wisdom of older women that have gained insights on life and waded through heartache to come out on the other side stronger.  And there is something to be said about the power of friendship between women, and how bonds with true friends in your life help you weather any obstacle put in front of you.  Throw in a sassy, tiny Italian women who’s stroke left her without a filter, an over-(or under)sexed man-eater, a kind-hearted yet brainless grief counselor, and a strong willed, seemingly independent substitute teacher, add a hearty dose of comedy, and you have The Golden Girls.

And how I love these girls.  This obsession started when I was young, like pre-teen young.  Several things draw me to this show.  The witty banter, the Floridian lifestyle (which is not one I covet, but I love seeing it stylized on TV), the strong bonds of friendship between the women, and the personalities of each, that were developed so well you feel like you know each one intimately.  Plus, the show has one of the BEST THEME SONGS EVER!

The show ran for 7 seasons, and was nominated for 65 Emmy’s, winning 11.  Sadly, all actresses but Betty White have passed away.  But The Golden Girls is a show that, then & now, resonates due to the topics explored in the show.  It was all about human nature, and the power of friendship.  Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia… thank you for being a friend.

For your enjoyment, the first part of the pilot episode.

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