The Trend: Steampunk Jewelry

Two weeks ago I posted about the steampunk trend and brought you a selection of steampunk-inspired footwear.  This week we move onto jewelry, where I think the trend really puts its best foot forward.


Steampunk Earrings – $77

Reader Adri sent us an email praising Etsy shop London Particulars.  She bought a ring from the Seattle-based proprietor, and she gets compliments on it all the time.  I believe it.  This shop really combines the best of hard and soft–Victorian details and femininity like the intricate leaves in the earrings above with an industrial edge like the gears and watch parts also in the earrings above.  As always, we love to encourage our readers to support independent artists!


Steampunk Dragonfly Gear Pin – $12.99

In stark contrast to the feminine details of the earrings above, this steampunk piece is really focused on the darker side of the trend.  The gears in the body of the dragonfly and the bronze and black tones make this piece super industrial.  It still has some femininity in it, though–the etching on the wings and the delicacy of the tail.


Delicate Steampunk Bracelet – $19.50

If the steampunk trend is a little too much for you, how about subtly incorporating it with this delicate bracelet?  It features a wrap-around design and three sets of doubled-up gears.  A really beautiful and simple piece from Etsy shop Hollywood Fodder.


Steampunk Ring – $30

Another gem from an Etsy shop–if you haven’t noticed by now, Etsy is the best place to find steampunk jewelry.  There are hundreds of stores that sell them, and thousands of pieces available.  So many of them are high quality pieces, too, there’s just an awesome selection.  This particular piece by Jared Beever is done in silver metal and almost looks like a steampunk cocktail ring.


Sorrelli Meadow Mist Crystal Ring – $31.83

At first glance this doesn’t seem like a steampunk piece, but look closely at the shape of the jewels.  Those are gears!  A great way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe in a more feminine way.


Breda Addison Watch – $37.80

Love this watch with exposed gears.  It’s sort of an obvious choice for steampunk–watches have gears anyway–but it’s such a cool look.  I also love the white band against the silver of the face.  Very clean and modern looking.


Steampunk Watch Mechanism Cufflinks – $49.99

Yes, these are cufflinks.  Men typically only wear cufflinks, I know, but they are making  French cuff shirts for women these days.  And these are so bad ass.  Or, pick these up for the man in your life.  I bought a pair for my other half and they’re pretty cool.


Steampunk Book Locket Necklace – $32

How darling is this book locket necklace?  Love the textured front of the locket, and the green jewel detail.  Put a photo of your honey, baby, or pup inside.  Another great piece of jewelry from Etsy shop owner Timewatch.


Timeless Love Steampunk Necklace – $42.50

I’m happy to end this post with such a beautiful bauble.  How lovely is the brass detailing along the left side of this pendant?  Apparently there is a baby owl inside of there, resting under its mother’s wings…but I can’t see it.  Still, it’s a great piece.  Love that ruby-toned Swarovski crystal to top the whole thing off.


Anyone else out there digging the steampunk trend?

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  1. Tara H. says:

    I just ordered the Delicate Steampunk Bracelet in silver and am very excited! Thank you for a great find!

  2. Andrea says: