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There are A LOT of flash sale sites out there now.  They are great ways to score some incredible deals on designer products, whether large or independent.  But sometimes there are so many good deals they can get lost in the shuffle.  That’s one of the reasons I like BelleChic.  Their sales can sometimes be hit or miss, but they only launch a few sales per week.  That makes it really easy to peruse what they are offering, without becoming overwhelmed.  BelleChic is like a flash sale site for artisans you would find on Etsy.  But be warned, all sales are final.  Currently they have a sale running for Perfumies, a New York based company that creates all natural perfume sticks that are perfect for on the go.  I love the ingredients list on the Perfumies website:  “Ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, secret sauce (fragrance)”.  Here are some of the “secret sauce” sticks that sound good to me…


Serendipity Solid Perfume Stick – $4.99 ($7)

Hyacinth, white musk, and pink pepper… oh my!

Serendipity is described as “Waves of freshness merge with sensual, sweet and spicy notes. ”  Sounds like your inner exotic, sex-pot hippie will enjoy this scent.   Hyacinth, white musk, pink pepper, vetiver, iris, amber, and patchouli.


The Good Enough To Eat Set – $14.99 ($30)

Includes Love Muffin and Buttercup

Do you like sugary, warm scents?  This set might be for you.  Includes Love Muffin (powdery cake scent), Dreamsicle (orange & vanilla), Vanilla Ice (French Vanilla, no essence of Robert Matthew Van Winkle), Buttercup (butter, sugar, vanilla), and Guilty Pleasure (chocolate & mint).  Be careful with this set, you might find yourself craving sweets all day long!


The Soapy Set – $14.99 ($30)

Like you just stepped out of the shower

Are you the type of girl that prefers crisp, clean scents?  Then I think you’d be please with The Soapy Set.  Includes Thundershower, Blue Skies, Squeaky Clean, Bubble Bath, and Chubby Cheeks (baby powder scent).  Scents like these are great for touch-ups on long flights or just during long travels.


The Out Of This World Mini Set – $10.99 ($18)

It’s a marvelous night for a moondance…

We may no longer be in the Age of Aquarius, but any moon children will appreciate these far out fragrances.  Set includes Moondance (magnolia, hibiscus, peach, musk), Cloud Nine (cedar, jasmine, earth scents), and Stardust (tropical fruit medley).  I bring you love.


The Heart Breaker Set – $14.99 ($30)

The experience might stink, but you’ll smell good.

The last set I’ll feature is the Heart Breaker Set.  Lots of spice, musk, florals and citrus.  Seductive and sexy.  Set includes Class Flirt, Flirtationship, Hard To Get, Summer Crush, and Head Over Heels.  There are many more sets and single perfume sticks available.  Make sure to check it out!

The Perfumies sale at BelleChic ends 9/3/12.


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