Modcloth Dresses–70% Off!

Earlier this month I wrote a post about getting rid of summer inventory at big reductions.  They’ve reduced even further now, with most items priced at 70% off the original.  This means you’re getting great, fashion forward clothing for pennies on the dollar.  But, these items are final sale, so make sure you know your body type and what type of frock fits you best.   Pickin’s have gotten a little slim since they announced this sale earlier in the week, but there are still some great deals available.  The best of the dresses to follow…


Strapless Gowns

Soiree in Santorini – $58.99 ($197.99) and Fleur Sure – $20.99 ($69.99)

Love the beautiful Mediterranean shade of the dress at left.  It has both structure in the bodice, and flow, in the curled double skirt.  A huge discount for a designer dress by Max and Cleo.  At right, a beautiful red and white gown with huge romantic roses splashed across the fabric.  Reviews are mixed, but that seems to be because it runs a bit big.


Mango with Me – $26.99 ($89.99) and Hyped Stripes – $23.99 ($79.99)

Two more darling strapless gowns here.  Love the buttery color of the dress at right, plus the detail at the bust. The big pleats of fabric will hide a little extra baggage around the mid-section.  Reviews say the bust runs big, so you may have to tailor, but for less than $30, it’s still a steal.  At right, a garment that appears to be sort of a bandage dress.  That means it’s an elasticized material that conforms to your figure, like an Ace bandage wrapped around you.  This one is in a kinder pattern though–the slanted lines just above the waist will break up the look a bit.  It says this dress provides a lot of stretch, so it might be a good one to wear to a wedding where there will be lots of dancing.


Patterned Dresses

Everything’s in Lace – $26.99 ($89.99) and I Dot Carried Away Dress – $13.99 ($44.99)

The dress at left has such an unusual pattern, but I like that it’s sort of haphazard, breaking 3/4 of the way down, and then resuming again.  Plus, it echoes the look of black lace over a royal blue sheath.  Lots of great reviews and happy customers on this one.  The dress at right has a similar silhouette but a much different pattern.  This dress features a plunging backline, which is a fun surprise considering how conservative the dress appears to be from the front.  The sheath itself is a spandex blend, so it definitely fits like a glove, with dark blue velvet polka dots on top.  *Update: the I Dot Carried Away Dress is no longer available.


Textured Frocks

Taupe of the Town – $46.99 ($157.99) and Fete in the Flowers $46.99 ($157.99)

Both of these incredible dresses are by Max and Cleo.  The dress at left is a total mystery to me.  It looks so beautifully draped, I cannot figure out why A) it’s on such deep discount, and B) there are NO reviews.  I’m wondering if no one wanted to spend the money, and that’s the only issue, because almost every size is available.  Also, check the length in the “Measurements” tab–looks like it’s pretty short.  At right a bright, cheerful fuchsia confection.  A single review says it runs big in the bust, so stacked ladies, line up to get yours.  Lots of sizes available in this garment as well.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Are they too complex? Any one of them would need some layering and accessories, except
    Soiree in Santorini and
    Taupe of the Town.