Going Outfits: The long flight

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Traveling on a plane for several hours straight is not the funnest thing in the world.  Stale air.  Cramped seats.  Lots of strangers surrounding you.  So sometimes, it’s easy to throw in the towel and just throw on pajama pants,  a t-shirt, Uggs or flip-flops, and call it good.  But you run the risk of looking like one of the people of Wal-Mart.  And that’s what you look like when you step off the plane.  Hello world!  Here I am in my glorious sloven attire.  It would behoove of you to put a little effort in.  You don’t have to be the woman dressed to the nines in the four inch stilettos (I guess you are sitting for most of the journey), but putting together an ensemble that makes you feel good walking into and out of an airport in can do wonders for the way the world perceives you.  And what if prince charming is on that flight with you?  Enough said, let’s look at some options.



SONOMA life + style® Modern Fit Jeans – $36.99 & Lauren Conrad Slim Bootcut Jeans –$54.00

All parts of the ensemble are important, but pants to me are critical.  You don’t want to fall asleep, only to wake up because your tight jeans are cutting the blood flow off to your legs.  I do recommend jeans though.  They are thicker, and therefore warmer, than knit pants.  You just need to make sure they have a good amount of stretch to them, and the waist needs to fit comfortably.  If the jeans you are wearing give you a muffin top standing up, chances are they won’t be the most comfortable when you’re sitting for 8+ hours.  Some jeans I’ve recently purchase that fit the comfort bill are the SONOMA life + style® Modern Fit Straight-Leg Jeans from Kohl’s.  These jeans have plenty of stretch, and the waistband doesn’t cut in a lot.  Also available in original fit, but the modern fit will work on petite torsos better.  Lauren Conrad also makes a comfortable slim bootcut jean, which you can also get at Kohl’s.



Striped Tie Back Banded Hem Tee – $44.50 & Cotton Tiered Ruffle Tee – $29.50

Picture this; you’re taking a Transatlantic red-eye flight, and you know that at 35,000 feet above sea level the air gets pretty dang chilly.  So, you wear a long sleeve shirt to ward off the chill.  But upon boarding the plane you realize that they’ve been having issues with air circulation and it’s a sultry 85 degrees in the cabin.  Not fun.  That’s why layering, really on any flight, is key.  The basic shirt you start off with as your first layer should be comfortable to wear on it’s own, but also comfortable layered under the cardigan under the jacket under the blanket that will eventually end up on you.  K, maybe cut the jacket out, but if you get cold easily, this might be your plight.  A short or 3/4 sleeve shirt that moves with you will do best.   A couple of examples are shown above, both available at LOFT.com.



Whisper cardigan – $59.50 & Merona® Women’s Ultimate V-Neck Cardigan – $19.99

I don’t know about you, but I love cardigans.  They keep you warm, but are easy to remove when you’ve had enough.  Cardigans, no matter what fit, always accompany me on flights.  If I end up being too warm to wear it?  I use it as a pillow.  But if I do get cold, which most likely I will, I sure am glad to have my trusted friend with me.  I recently purchased the Whisper Cardigan from Banana Republic when they were having a great sale.  I love the fit and feel of this cardigan, although it is very light, so it won’t provide warmth from really frigid temps (although it is 45% wool & alpaca, so there is some warmth there).  But it’s soft and comfortable. perfect to sit and enjoy an in-flight movie in.  If you’re looking for a less expensive, and thicker option, try the Merona® Women’s Ultimate V-Neck Cardigan from Target.



Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers – $44.99 & Saucony Jazz Retro Sneaker – $49.95

When it comes to shoes on a flight, I’m all about the comfy kicks.  But I don’t want to wear my running shoes with an outfit I actually thought about and put together, so I tend to lean towards sneakers with a retro look.  If I’m on a shorter flight I have no problem wearing flats, but for a long flight, I want my feet covered and warm.  If you do opt for flats, or sandals even, on a long flight, make sure you have some warm socks,  and possibly a pair of sneakers, in your carry-on.  Cold feet make me miserable, because then the rest of me is cold.  Above are two examples of fun sneakers that should keep your feet happy.



Land’s End Cotton Linen Floral Scarf – $34.97 &  Lucky Brand Citrine Earrings – $32.00

It’s nice to have a scarf handy, but one that is lightweight and won’t cause you to sweat off a few pounds via your neck.  And having some pretty baubles you can take off while sleeping and throw back on one you exit the plane will add some sparkle to your presence (even if you don’t feel sparkly).

Do you have any style items you always use when traveling?  How about your purse or carry-on, are those important?  Leave any items missed, or comments about items included, below…

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