Dolly says, “Happy Labor Day!”

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Dolly wants you to take a nap. You’ve earned it.

It’s a holiday, so you know what that means…Dolly Parton, full clutch’s official mascot, is going to take over for the day. The fabulous Ms. P is no stranger to hard work herself.  Born into extreme poverty in Tennessee, she worked on her family’s farm to help make ends meet.  As a young adult she moved to Nashville to seek fame and fortune as a country singer.

It’s Labor Day–take a load off.

Most people know her from her exaggerated Barbie-doll figure and her big hits like “Jolene,” but few realize what an incredible songwriter and businesswoman she is.  She is one of the most prolific songwriters in history.  But even more than that, she has had the cojones to insist on keeping the rights to her songs, so that even when another singer records one of them, Dolly receives a substantial cut of the revenues.  Doesn’t sound like that big a deal?  She refused to let Elvis use one of her songs because he wanted too big a cut of the publishing rights.  Elvis.  Who turns down Elvis?  Our Lady of the Bouffant ‘Do, that’s who.

Enough gushing from me.  Let’s hear Dolly’s best song about workin’ hard.  Enjoy!



Have a safe and happy Labor Day!


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