September Birchbox Review: Part I

As Sarah mentioned in a previous post, we are both signed up for Birchbox in an effort to bring you more reviews of more products.  I got my first box in August, and like Sarah said, it was really fun to receive a beautifully packaged gift in the mail.  I think I was more impressed with my first box than Sarah was with hers–each box has different products.  I’ll be putting all four of the products I received to good use.  Here’s Part I with half of the products reviewed…


Liqwd Professional Volumizing Catalyst – $22

This styling product claims to give hair exceptional volume.  I am suspicious of how much I love it.  The directions say spray 10-20 times in towel dried hair, then blow dry.  I experimented with different amounts of this product in my hair, and the full 20 sprays gave me the best effect.  (Note: I have very thick hair, medium length.)  What I liked about this product is that it did give me a lot of volume, without any residue.  I’ve used mousse in the past to get volume, and it always feels like there’s something in my hair.  There’s a sticky, slightly oily after-finish. Not this product.  It creates a beautiful, light, voluminous look.


Doctors Dermatologic Formula – $35

When I saw this product in the box, I sighed.  I typically cannot use gel cleansers because they’re too harsh on my dryer, sensitive skin.  However, this gel cleanser is very mild.  It almost feels like KY Jelly in your fingertips, very slippery and moisturizing.  Come winter, it might indeed be too drying for my skin, but in the summertime, it’s perfect.


Stay tuned, in two weeks I’ll bring you the next set of reviews!

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