Will this flat iron take you Beyond The Beauty?

Earlier this summer I made a purchase from Fab.com, a styling tool set from the company Beyond The Beauty.  The set included a regular sized flat iron, a travel sized flat iron, and a curling iron.  I have yet to use the curling iron, or travel sized flat iron, but I’ve used the full sized flat iron plenty of times now.

The last flat iron I owned was a cheap tool, purchased most likely at a Rite Aid (along with a crimper), that fried my hair.  The plates were metal, and my ends ended up obliterated.  I knew I had to go with a better tool this time around.  The Beyond the Beauty deal seemed pretty darn good (the set retails for $425, Fab.com had it for $116).  So I bought it, but decided to take it to the person who in my world would be the ultimate judge of it’s quality, my stylist.  Of course it didn’t quite meet her standards.  She didn’t say it was bad, but she’s pretty partial to the styling tools she uses, as she should be since she’s a professional.  I got some really good information from her (and her husband/salon manager) about what to look for in a quality tool, and how to protect your hair from said tool.

Before & After

Unbeknownst to me, the new darling of the styling tool world is tourmaline (which the BTB curling barrel is made of).  Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, and when heated emits six times more negative ions than heated ceramic.  What does this mean for your hair?  Well, those negative ions actually seal the cuticles in your hair shaft shut, trapping moisture inside your hair, which leads to a smoother, shinier style.  My stylist recommends the brand ego for tourmaline styling tools, but they come at a steep price.  The investment should pay off in the longevity of the life of the tool, and the health of your hair.  But hair can not remain healthy on tourmaline alone.

Do not eat

The second piece of advise my stylist gave me, and this is more important that the styling too itself, is to ALWAYS use a product with heat protection in it prior to using any tool that infuses your hair with heat.  Her top recommendation for this is Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray.  It’s pricey at $30 for 4 oz., but a little of this stuff goes a long way.  Since I started using it my hair has become noticeably softer and healthier (so much so that friends have commented on it).  But even if you can’t throw down $30 for a product, find something that has heat protection properties, and use it prior to each heat styling.

And thirdly, for best results, you should use the tool at it’s highest heat capacity.  I know this sounds counter intuitive, but this is what your stylist is doing.  They’re just protecting your hair before they do it.

So back to the Beyond the Beauty flat iron.  I’ve actually been really pleased with the performance of this tool (even though the plates are ceramic), once I implemented the advice from my stylist about heat protection and just cranking the heat!  You can see in the above pictures the after results.  I’ve been using it on average once a week, and my hair has yet to show any signs of over treatment.

I DON’T think the flat iron itself is worth the retail price charged, but if you see it on sale, don’t be afraid to purchase it.  You should be pleased with the results you get.


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