The Loafer Pump

There’s been a sort of nerdy-librarian-chic trend that I’m just loving.  Cardigans (but in wild patterns or with contrasting colors), blazers, Oxford shirts, hair in buns, and high necklines.  Part of that trend is the re-emergence of the loafer, in all kinds of silhouettes.  Today we feature the high-heeled loafer.


AK Anne Klein Women’s Walnut Platform Pump – $85.95

These beautifully restrained loafer pumps from Anne Klein feature a 3 inch heel with a 1/2 inch platform, resulting in a very walkable 2.5 inch heel. AK makes a great shoe–I’ve had several pairs and they are comfortable and durable.  Plus, is offering free two-day shipping (some restrictions apply) on these bad boys.


Nine West “Unmixed” Pump – $71.90 ($108.95)

I’ve admired these heels from Nine West for at least a year.  I love the bright yellow suede against the cognac leather and the stacked platform.  My hang up?  That heel is just too high for me.  A 4.5 inch heel (even with a 1 inch platform) puts me over 6 feet tall and I don’t want to scare small children.  But if you love a height boost, these are a classy, trendy way to accomplish it.


Ellen Tracy Spade Moc Pumps – $79

Some much more restrained heels in these Ellen Tracy kicks. These are 100% leather (and real calf hair on top of the toe), so the price is very reasonable.  Plus, that chunky heel and round toe make them comfortable and perfect for a work day.


Two Lips Contract Pumps – $39.98 ($79.95)

Okay, hate the brand name–is that a double entendre?–but these are sort of a nice departure from the other styles here.  That sort of perforated piece of leather on the top of the foot?  Called a kiltie.  Typically you see it with mens loafers and it’s accompanied by a tassel on top, so it’s called a tasseled kiltie.  What on earth will you do with that information?  I have no idea.  Anyway, this kiltie is grommetted which gives it a harder edge and adds some interest.


Mia Nolen Platform Pump – $36.09 & $59.95

Another pair of loafer pumps that will pump your height sky-high.  These are even more comfortable due to the rubber grippers on the sole.  Available in Luggage, Black, Navy, and Natural, in mainly larger sizes.


Michael Kors Fallyn Loafer – $97.95 ($140)

Bringing the heels down again, we’ve got these more conservative  loafers from Michael Kors, at deep discount.  At left, the unfortunately named Cement, and at right, the sadly named Luggage.  But the colors are marvelous, aren’t they?  Classy and beautiful, and likely to match almost everything in your wardrobe.


Biviel Slip-On Loafer – $75 ($165)

And finally, a simpler loafer in terms of detail, but in an interesting color–Silky Mooreland (i.e., forest greenish)–and texture–suede.  I’m not familiar with this brand, but they’re European and they use Italian leather, so this price is unreal.  Also available in black if this color is too hard to style.

What say you to the loafer pump trend?


3 Responses to “The Loafer Pump”
  1. SarahAnn says:

    Just to make the case for heels above 2-3 inches… I’m 6’0″ barefoot. I only infrequently scare small children, and hardly ever get even a second look due to my height wearing flats, or even heels up to 3″. It follows, then, that an average to medium-tall woman should have no problem with the “too tall” factor – it’s all a state of mind, and as long as YOU are confident, no one else will even notice. And as for us tall girls… Let’s face it, it’s not fair if the short girls get to have all the fun! In my opinion, no one should shy away from a pair of shoes they love just because they’re afraid of turning heads. After all, isn’t that what heels are designed to do, anyway?
    Sidenote: Only time I ever do get comments about the height? When I wear my 5.5″ grey platforms (similar to these CL’s And they are so worth it.

    • Beth says:

      SUCH good points you’ve made here, Sarah. I mainly don’t wear higher heels because of my own insecurities about towering over other people…which is my own hang-up. I applaud the leggy gals who have the confidence to pull it off. And I agree–awesome platforms.