September Birchbox Review: Part II

Last week I reviewed my first Birchbox, and I was duly impressed.  This week was no different.  The players?  Dr. Jart+ BB cream and Juicy Couture perfume.

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 – $34

This product’s claims:

  • A moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum, this all-in-one product also hides imperfections.
  • Made with 50 percent water, Dr. Jart’s Advanced Water Bead Technology helps hydrate and maintain healthy moisture for a dewy, fresh look. Like a drink for your skin, once applied, tiny droplets of water appear before being quickly absorbed, generating an instant soothing and cooling effect.

Before I got this in the Birchbox, I’d been using Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream for my foundation, and loving it.  Dr. Jart+ seems to be just as good.  It doesn’t dry out my skin, and it’s not overly heavy.  I disagree with people who call BB creams lightweight–I can definitely feel it on my skin–but this isn’t any thicker than any other foundation I’ve used.  I also haven’t experienced the “tiny droplets of water” that are supposed to appear on your skin, but who cares if it does the job?  Good coverage for an even skin tone.  And I’m still SO amazed that these BB creams are nearly universal in color–they actually adjust to the wearer’s skin color.  What???  I definitely recommend this product.


Viva La Juicy La Fleur – $70

Seeing this perfume by Juicy Couture appear in my Birchbox, I immediately thought of that scene in Mean Girls where Cady visits Janis at work.  Janis asks, “What is that smell?” and Cady responds, “Regina gave me some perfume,” to which Janis says, “You smell like a baby prostitute.”  I really hoped this perfume wouldn’t smell like a baby prostitute.  Good news: it doesn’t.  Better news: it’s my new favorite perfume.  Unless I have an immediate repulsion to a fragrance, I don’t make a judgment on it until I’ve worn it for a day.  Perfumes really do smell differently depending on who is wearing them; if you’ll allow me to toot my own horn–this smells awesome on me.  The description of this scent is mainly accurate: “sparkling mandarin and wild berries, combined with luminous florals of lush honeysuckle, gardenia petals, and soft jasmine,” but of course I always recommend smelling a scent in person before committing.  It’s a lot of money for 2.5 ounces of fragrance, but I can honestly say I’d spend it.


Once Birchbox down, many to go!  Stay tuned for future reviews!

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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I can’t wait for my “invitation” from birchbox!